Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Looking for my future ex-girlfriend

Out late last night. I am damned sleepy right now.
But, what’s news here? I’m ready and looking for my next bike.

Basically, I kept the EX around for passengers (yes, I actually enjoy passengers, just not in the hills) and long trips. Plus, it was way better on the freeway than the poor little DRZ.

So that’s what I’m replacing. I am pretty convinced the SV650 is what I want. I’d also consider an F4 (not “i”), and I have some curiousity about BMW’s. I don’t know a lot about BMW’s, so that’s a really uninformed idea. Maybe I’ll go test ride the current 650GS this Saturday to see how I like it.

So, SV650. Prefer Street to Sport (SV650S), but either would be fine.
Of course, everyone knows red bikes are faster, but the blue is awful purty too. And then my bikes would match.

Trouble is, people in this area seem to think that they should sell their used bikes for near-new prices. NOT going to happen, at least with me. I’ve had nothing but bad luck with used bikes, and there’s no way I’m going to buy used just to save $1000 or less.

I don’t give a damn how much aftermarket frou-frou you heaped on there. It was a budget bike to start, and that’s what I want. Stock is good. Suspension is the only upgrade I’m willing to pay for.

I want to pay $3K. I want it to work, I don’t want a project. I’m hoping to stay away from salvage.
People in the Bay Area are probably laughing at me right now, because we’re all seeing these bikes for $5K used. I saw a salvage one in Cycle Trader yesterday for nearly $4K. Hmmm, and the MSRP is? Dumbasses.

But, I am convinced, it can be done. I’ll travel to get it as needed. I’ve been looking for an excuse to fly back to Austin, or Seattle. And riding back would be the icing on the cake.

So, please keep eyes and ears open. This is all I will talking or thinking about until it is settled.

OH, and I have a deadline. I want it by the first week of May. Because of the Sheetiron, and my worries about hammering on what is my only way to get to work, in the hardcore dirt riding. Although this morning a friend offered me a bike to borrow in that case. So maybe I can be more patient on the SV thing.

Not likely, patience has never been one of my many virtues.

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