Friday, July 12, 2013


Where have we been!?!?

Like everyone, we have been busy. Nothing to see here.

It looks like my last post in this here blogspot was in April and even those were tiny posts, so let's dig through the photographic evidence:

In January, Jennifer got married! Good job, Keith! I gave a toast at the reception, and I'm pretty sure it must have rocked because I don't really remember it all that well.

In February, we stayed close to home. Aunt Heather visited, and Molly loved it:

March was busy! We visited Monterey:

we spent a lot of time with Kathie to see her off in her home, and then we dressed Molly up crazy for Easter:

April was a BIG month!
I went to Las Vegas for work, and this must have been the highlight, because it's what I have a picture of:

We learned about farting rubber duckies:
We welcomed baby Tessa!

And played with snails at a birthday party:

May came around and brought grandma's homegrown zucchini:

Molly explored her various personas...
... as a bee, "getting pollen":

... and as "The Skull":

Aunt Mary visited, and Molly charmed her:

June started with Jennifer's birthday, which Molly celebrated with a dance through a giant redwood tree:

For ME (remember, this is not Molly's blog), June was huge-- I got to see the fruits of several months of planning for GoogleServe Week of Service. I am the lead for the Bay Area planning efforts-- this thing is huge and SO rewarding! After months of work with colleagues to get all these folks out into the community, it was nice to lean back and see it happen, get to serve myself. I did a project at Emma Prusch Park in San Jose:

GoogleServe is the hardest thing I do all year, and it's the thing I'm most passionate about at work. I am so grateful to get this opportunity from my awesome employer, and I'm even more humbled by the amazing passion and commitment of the team that makes it happen.

What else happened in June?
I finally got my Aerostich, so I can finally live the bikenerd dream. Grey hairs and oversized BMWs, here I come!

Molly insisted she wanted to play tetherball, with predictable, and adorable results (no children were permanently harmed in the making of this video):

The house 3 doors down burned one morning:

Unfortunately, with the occupant inside, apparently murdered. Molly is now creepily obsessed with death, so don't be surprised if she asks you about death, or tells you someone is dead.

She also loves "pingerfainting"

Which finally brings us to July. We launched with July 4th at the Compound, with lots of friends, kids, beer, and a stunning view of illegal fireworks all around East San Jose.
Then Paul and I took Molly camping. She LOVED it.