Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Music to a pregnant woman's ears: "You don't *seem* pregnant. Like, we thought you might be, but you've been acting so normal..."


Friday, July 09, 2010

Weekends are nice! Let's cancel M-F

But it's not all doom and gloom!
Actually, we've been busy and having lots of adventures. Time to catch up!

Father's Day rolled around and we went with my dad to Andy's Orchard to stuff our fat little faces with delicious cherries of all varieties, mostly right off the tree. Paul and I bought way too many cherries and suffered through eating them, and some peaches I bought, for the next three days. It was a trial, but a delicious trial.

Then Paul's sister and her husband and kiddo came out to visit. We got to see them twice in the week they were in town, and a good time was had by all. (well, by us at least) That same weekend, we visited friends in Alameda which was fantastic. We have been feeling pretty isolated out here in the South Bay, and it was nice to see folks. Plus, they had babies, and I was glad to see someone using the corner of a napping baby's playard as a beer holder. There is hope for me!

This past weekend was action packed!
Saturday, we celebrated a dear friend's birthday by going go-kart racing at Malibu Gran Prix in Redwood City. No, I did not drive a go-kart, as I have no license and wasn't sure what to expect (it probably would have been fine-- they are not bumper cars)
From 2010.07.03 Daniel Birthday at Malibu Gran Prix

There's actually a kid in the passenger seat-- you can just see his red helmet, as he sank into the car.

From 2010.07.03 Daniel Birthday at Malibu Gran Prix

Jesse aims for the "Parent of the Year" award

We did lunch at Kan Zeman in Palo Alto, followed by gelato, and we got to witness what happens when a child has a complete and utter meltdown-- over-stimulation, caffeine, and nap-grogginess can do wonderful things to a 3 (4?) year old! Truly a sight to behold.

Sunday we did the traditional 4th of July thing at the Turner Compound, where I attempted to single-handedly eat an entire watermelon. There was a severe lack of cake at this "party."
Due to budgetary constraints, many of the usual large displays had been canceled, so instead, we watched a dispersed chaos of illegal explosives sprinkle across the valley in a medley of low booms and crackles. It was kind of an improvement, in my mind. I felt like we were watching the city burn, but in reality, it was the true spirit of American Independence! Fuck You Pig! I Know My Rights! And I'll launch this mortar in my backyard if I want to...

Monday I spent some time trying to learn to drive. I didn't hit anything. Driving seems like a lot of work, though.

Tuesday, Paul and I went to Santa Cruz to hang out with my sister! I had a long-standing craving for a Space Cowboy and thin-cut fries from Saturn Cafe, and was not disappointed. We proceeded to the Boardwalk, where we threw away an hour or so playing the latest and greatest video games:
From 2010

It's the space age, people!

Tuesdays after 5, all the attractions are cheaper, so we did the Fright Walk thing, which is basically a year-round haunted house, which was a blast.
Then, the beautiful old carousel, where Paul got very frustrated trying to toss the rings into the clown's mouth.
From 2010

This is the look of someone who is about to lose their junk because the dang rings won't go in the dang clown's mouth.

And then? Mini-Golf! Everything at the Boardwalk is so cool and vintage-y and fun.
From 2010

We finished up with dinner with my sister before heading back down the hill to return to the real world. The one where I had to go to work the next morning. Sigh...

Leave me alone!

Oh! They are here!
I kept waiting for them, the pregnancy hormones... the mood swings... the crankiness.

And it is here. Till now, the most I could figure was the bottomless love I feel for my husband. Was that hormones? I don't know-- he's awfully great!

All the crankiness till now? That was just me. You probably know that if you know me.

But now, this week, my patience is GONE. For you, for my work contacts, for the asshat on the bus next to me. Gone. I hate you all and wish you would get the hell out of my way. Why isn't this shit done already? Why do I have to do simple tasks for you? Why are you so whiny? Why didn't you tell me you were working on this instead of waiting for me to put in duplicate work on it? Why can't you communicate better? Why are you yelling while I'm trying to sleep?*** Why are you here!?!?!

It's the hormones talking.
I think?

I am not fit for human consumption right now.

***Incidentally, I have not been getting sleep for the past week or two. Short fits are punctuated by loud cat yelling, getting up to pee, leg cramps, loud cat yelling, pain in both hips due to the need to sleep only on my sides, occasional cat playing with lever in catbox, and then the usual time to go to work crap. There is no sleep here.