Friday, February 24, 2006

(Vegas) and Supperclub

Sometimes I don't post because I don't feel up to writing about something yet. I don't feel up to writing about Vegas really. The short version is like this:
Sunday fucking sucked. Seriously sucked. Sometimes people just do things that are seriously rude and fuck you. I won't write about office politics because this is public, and my mom says not to put anything in writing that you wouldn't want published in the newspaper (or something like that)

Following the explosive suitcase of fuck you, there was the overbooked flight and shitty customer service and somehow, narrowly getting onto the flight, even after the door had been closed and it seemed hopeless.

Following the shitty flight (hey, I guess I should just count myself lucky that it landed. It's the little things, innit?) I arrive to a sold out and very busy Las Vegas (with taxi line to show) and find that some dipshit cancelled my hotel room. Fortunately I had printed out the confirmation letter to show the desk clerk, who showed me the proof that someone cancelled it after the fact. I guess they have a few rooms set aside even when sold out, so I did get a room.

Sunday night, sales dinner at Zeffirino in the Venetian. Monday morning, I had my chilaquiles at the Grand Luxe Cafe as required (yummm) and then we did a few hours of work. Dinner reservations were made at the hip new hotspot (I guess) Tao in the Venetian, but I got the message about ten minutes before dinner, that everyone else cancelled. Thanks! Well, shit, I went anyway by myself. Tao was cool. Nice space, food was good, dessert was GREAT. Go there just to have the raspberry chocolate wontons!

Tuesday the show opened and I worked in our booth until it was time to head to the airport.

Blah blah, Vegas is boring.

Last night, Paul and I went to Supperclub since Marisa had casually mentioned (ok, maybe she was begging :P) that she would be singing.
It's been the week of hip expensive restaraunts, so here's how it stacked up in my mind:
Bar: cool, I don't know what we overpaid for hipster drinks. I drank something that smelled like Robitussin, and something else that smelled like a cupcake.
Dining Room: The white was cool, I didn't need the marketing pitch that the cutting edge LED lights would produce 63,000 different colors in the evening. I work with color for a living, so this didn't do anything for me. the lights were cool, though. I'm just saying.
Beds: cool, but mostly because we ended up running into Dan and Irene and sitting with them. Would I have enjoyed being in bed that close to some greaseball hair-gel hipster trash and his fake Gucci girlfriend? Um, no. Whew! We dodged a bullet.
Performances: Marisa was awesome. Duh. The beatboxer was cool, but I was hoping for more variety or energy. Perhaps a vocalist ought to be paired with a dancer, or something to keep it less static? I heard about some cool aerialist performances there, so perhaps it was a quiet night.
Company: Wonderful. I adore Dan and Irene, and obviously Marisa. My boyfriend is totally hot.
Wait staff was fun and attentive. Vegetarian food was good (Paul thought some of it better than his meat-eater courses) and I didn't feel like I was getting the also-ran of steamed vegetables and polenta (as pointed out very correctly by Jesse, this is what you get 99% of the time when you are vegetarian at a nice restaurant). Dessert wasn't amazing. I like amazing desserts. It's sinful to forget chocolate!

I'd go again, particularly if I could afford it. I can't, so we'll probably limit ourselves, but I imagine we'll be back at some point.
At $60 per person, it's very reasonable for what you get. Really.
I even got to pinch the performer's ass. Twice!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lost Week

The past week has been pretty fast. Last weekend we had unseasonably warm and sunny weather, so rather than get any of the pending projects and responsibilities taken care of, we decide to stroll over to Aquatic Park from Paul's place in Berkeley. Which turned into a hike to Emeryville. Aquatic Park is fine and all, lots of families and dogs and people playing Frisbee golf (?!?), but every so often you are overwhelmed by the odd STENCH of death and rot. Then it goes away and you can watch the ducks and cranes. This is the park we also refer to lovingly as “Anonymous Gay Sex Park.” I think that's an evening thing, or only in certain areas these days. Overall, it seemed harmless, if slightly shady at the Emeryville end, particularly in the late afternoon.

I watched some guy shoplift at the Borders in Emeryville and bought a book for studying Mandarin, before we headed back in time to get Priya before I had to go back to the City to get to New Wave City. Omigod, Priya is SO GOOD.
I snuck back into Paul's house after work, around 2am, and so Sunday morning, we did actually tackle a pending issue by taking a ride into the Berkeley hills, to troubleshoot Paul's XR. There was no problem, so we stopped in to see his mom for a bit, and then back down to the house.
and then, And THEN! We went to Paul's friend's house for dinner and beer and stuff. Which was totally the best. I am a vegetarian who can't cook, and knows nothing about vegetables, but I can TOTALLY get behind a salad that has cheese for the main ingredient. Omigod. Grilled veggies were cooked and seasoned just right, and there were no mushrooms involved. And there was beer! Paul's house never has beer. Totally the nicest people, and food, and grappa, and chocolate. And, you know, I'm not usually a baby person, but I held the baby for some reason, and it was sort of cute. He bubbled and farted on me which was oddly charming. (No, it's not cute when YOU do it). The best part about a baby is when it's not yours, you can just sort of wipe your hands of it when the fussy face starts. And so I did.

Monday I had class. Du Laoshi was terribly out of character, and only launched one “goofy,” and none of her other regular routines. Feh. She did nearly lose her shit when it became apparent that most of the class had fucked up the previous week's assignment (I did not. I understood and executed perfectly) This is so much harder without Paul taking the class with me.

Tuesday was the first day of a two-day photo shoot we had in Dogpatch. After getting over the early clusterfuck part, this was sort of cool. Actually, it was fucking freezing (the dancers were turning blue) but the second day I came back with scarf and gloves. So instead of hiring models, we hired dancers with the idea of a lot of movement, leaping, or something like that. (Tuesday we had a Latin Ballroom instructor and an Aerialist) The process was very fun to watch, and the physical feats were pretty neat too. What wasn't neat was trying to put socks on a grown man (hard) and the stupid bullshit of dealing with everyone's disorganization in the early part. Lunch was really good both days. It's always about the food.

Tuesday night Paul came over and made me some pasta, because he is the best thing ever. He even cut the bell peppers into heart shapes, which is totally cheesy. He is the best. I know, you are jealous.
Wednesday we wrapped up the photo shoot (two ballet dancers this time) and in the evening I had a dinner to go to for work, at a place in ghirardelli square, called Ana Mandera. The space is cool, my food was good; no complaints here.

By Thursday I was wrecked and I'm pretty sure I just loafed around the house in the evening, which I had definitely earned. MAGIC show loomed, and nothing was really done. In fact, no one at the office seemed to care much.

Friday I had to leave work early to do some shopping downtown, and then hit the bridge (which was totally fucked for some reason) to meet Paul, so we could go to dinner with his mom. Who is really, really sweet. We went to Priya. Have I mentioned, I LOVE Priya? I'm all about the mint sauce and the paneer masala. mmmmm
Saturday was a nice fuckoff day as I prepared myself to go to MAGIC. this is the fourth time I've gone to MAGIC, and it's gotten to the point where I pretty much know what to expect. Or so I thought. More later on Sunday, which turned out to be my WORST travel experience ever. Ever. Including getting on the wrong train in Italy when we had to be in Pisa by 5pm. Including entering Beijing completely alone with no idea of where I was supposed to be or even the contact info for anyone. Hey, at least those were interesting. There is nothing interesting about Las Vegas....

Friday, February 10, 2006

Bikini-Clad Robots

Last night we went to the Parkway and watched Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine. It was great. I want to watch it again just to see the San Francisco chase scene.

I drank a bunch of beer, and rode around on the back of my bike.
Paul is The Hotness.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The things you take for granted

I was reminded once again this morning of how much I love living in this city.
Watching the headlights and tail lights buzz through the Broadway tunnel before the sun comes up...
seeing the night turn to orange and pink as the sun begins to come up in the Financial District...
The morning opening of a coffee house on Hyde I'd never seen before...
Brownstones, victorians, and garden apartments each with stories to tell...
Everthing, and everyone, right here, living and breathing, mixing and growing...
The quiet before the daily storm.

Perhaps compromise is not in order?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

From Bad Matt

1) Stickers on your car?
My helmet has MotoJava Stickers. The dirt helmet says "We're all perverts," and the others sometimes have said "I HAVE CANDY."

2) What posters do you have in your room?
Posters... that's so cute.
Artwork hanging in my apartment: Brian Andreas stuff, a canvas collage thing I did for my senior collection presentation, and the map to GTA San Andreas.

3) What do you hear right now?
Someone in my office is playing oontzy music. It's faint though, and I don't mind it.

4) If you could drink anything right this second, what would it be?
Water would be the responsible answer. Beer would be nice but I can't see being in the office drunk.

5) Does anything hurt on your body right now?
My busted finger is a little stiff, but "hurt" isn't the right word.

6) Ever take candy from someone?
Yeah. When I was a kid, you could still trick or treat.

7) Whats your job position called?
My title is "Assistant Technical Designer." There is no Technical Designer though; I'm it.

8) What size ring do you wear?
No clue. Biggish, for a girl.

9) Do you own a camera phone?
No, I am a cheap bastard. I have my original free cellphone from like 5 years ago.

10) When's your birthday?
August 16th, 1977. The day Elvis died.

11) What's your elementary school mascot?
I changed schools so often, I don't remember most of them. All I remember is the mascot for Toyon, where I did half of 1st grade, 2nd, 4th, and 5th grades: Toyon TIGERS.

12) Whats your favorite bottled water?
I really do not care.
Except, I wish you could still get that AquaJava stuff, with the caffeine added.

13) What's the next concert/show you're going to and when?
Isle of Man TT!!!!!!!!!!! I am so cool.

14) What were you doing at 9 pm last night?
Wondering why Mandarin is so retarded, and then realizing that maybe it was just a really bad explanation of the particle in question.

16) Do you exercise as much as you should?

17) Did you attend your High School prom
Haha, yes. Funny story. But mainly, it sucked.

18) Did you go to someone elses prom?


20) Something red within 5 feet of you?
Stickers with one of our brands' new log on them. Exciting, yes?

21) Your last bag of chips?
Tortilla "hint of lime" chips, but just the pathetic bottom of the bag that was left. Lime is sooooo good. I am addicted.

22) The weirdest thing you've seen this week?
It's sortof a toss up between the guy getting rolled around on a gurney in downtown Mountain View on Saturday, and the video last night for my class.

23) Ever done the Electric Slide?
What is that?

24) How much French do you know?
Nearly none.

26) Ever crash a car, been in accidents?
I was in a car that got hit by a red light runner bitch.
My dad was one of several parents driving kids in my 6th (?) grade class to Monterey Bay Aquarium. Some ancient woman ran a very red light and hit the car, so we all missed our field trip.
Motorcycle accidents? Oh, yes, many. Some tiny, some bigger, but I've always walked away.

27) Do you look good in yellow?
Probably not.

28) Do you sing?
Yes, frequently. But only when you're not looking.

29) Ever sang in front of a crowd?

30) Do you dance?
Used to, not really now.

32) Least favorite color?
most forms of pink.

33) Favorite kind of car?
One that stays the hell out of my way.

34) Ever had Dippin Dots?
No. I don't see the appeal. If the appeal is the shape and appearance an novelty, that's just not a factor in my interest in food.

35) Ever make fun of a homeless person?
I've made fun of all kinds of people. And given my time spent in dirty squats in San Jose, I think the fun I made was well-deserved.

36) How old were you when you got a cell phone?
I think around 23? I don't remember.

37) How old were you when you got your first car?
Hopefully, I will be at least 95 when that happens.

38) How many driving tickets do you have?
currently, zero. I've gotten two though, both for speeding. I hate the CHP.

40) How many parking tickets?
Currently, zero.

41) Do you own your own car?
No. What is this "car" you speak of?
I own two motorcycles, though, which seems downright restrained, if you ask me.

42) Do you want to get married?
Are you coming on to me?

43) At what age do you want to get married?
12 1/2.

44) Have you ever been married?
no. I know, I'm so far behind. Other women my age are on #3 or more... Damn.

45) Have you ever received a restraining order?
mmmm, no.

46) At what age do you want to have kids?
12 3/4

47) How many kids?
Depends on how hungry I am.

48) Ketchup or Mustard?
Spicy mustard is the best.

49) When is the last time someone deleted you from their Myspace friends list? Um, I don't know that anyone has. I guess I haven't really kept track though. I really tend to only add friends, or a few strangers that really wanted to be my friend for some unknown reason.

50) How many times a week are you on Myspace ?
I don't know, it's on a lot.

51) Ever been kicked out of your home? My home?
No. My parents did change the locks shortly after I moved out, but they claimed that was just a coincidence in their scheduling.

52) Favorite character on Friends?
I have no idea.

53) Ever eat Spam?
No. I did dress as spam for halloween once, but the costume was actually made by my friend Abby, who was incredibly creative.

54) Have a crush on a teacher?
No. Well, maybe one, slightly, in college. But not really.

55) Favorite store?
It's fun to graze at the Pasta Shop.
Otherwise, maybe just a good bookstore.

56) Have a best friend?

57) If you could call anyone right now who would it be?
I've been wishing I could track down a few old friends... Monique Haugland and Abby Wittman.

58) Have a Boyfriend?
Yes, and he is the best. Truly.

59) Have a girlfriend?
No. Girls are trouble.

60) One place you want to travel to?
There are a lot of places. But Isle of Man is next on the list, and I am actually going there in May-June of this year. I rock! Bitches!

61) If you could have anything right now what would it be?
I already have so much.
I've been talking about wanting a whole city block in my neighborhood though.

Mandarin 12B 2/6/06

tonight's "goofy" count: 0
mentions of eating dog: 0
threats that "chinese people will be 'ha, ha, ha'": 0
discussions of the word "xiaojie" being used for prostitutes: 1 (long one though)

Actually, the "xiaojie" thing has been discussed in each of the three classes we've had so far this semester.
Otherwise, last night was a disappointment. NO "goofy"'s?!??!?!

Monday, February 06, 2006


This weekend we went down to San Jose for a bit and loafed hardcore at my folks’ house. Not a lot else to do down there, I guess. I felt a little bad about letting such a nice Sunday get away from me, but if you’d ever sat around the Turner Compound in the afternoon, you’d understand how this could happen.

Paul put new brake pads on the DRZ Friday and then we spent Friday night playing Katamari Damacy. What? We had Thai food first, so it’s not like we never left the house or something!

Saturday we headed to San Jose to meet my parents and go to dinner, and then to see Bill Maher at the Flint Center. I don’t have cable, but he looked familiar to me. Usually, you have to be drunk to enjoy a comedian. Nope, this guy was funny, and right on the money most of the time. I caught my MOTHER laughing at jokes that included the word “pussy.” Paul claimed he was uncomfortable with sitting next to my mom laughing about jokes involving anal sex. (to be fair, here’s another, opposite-bias article about the same guy) Some of the political comment gave me a little food for thought, some of the man/woman stuff was junk, but it was mostly interesting.

Sunday we did finally make it home, just in time to get pizza and beer with Daniel before bedtime. Sometimes I drink beer and end up letting slip what I really think of people. Oops. It’s because my pizza didn’t get to me in time to shut me up.
I stole this from Marisa, but I'm not enough of a geek to know what it means:

Your results:
You are Will Riker
Will Riker
Geordi LaForge
Deanna Troi
James T. Kirk (Captain)
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Mr. Scott
Jean-Luc Picard
Beverly Crusher
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
Mr. Sulu
At times you are self-centered
but you have many friends.
You love many women, but the right
woman could get you to settle down.
Click here to take the Star Trek Personality Quiz

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

and would you believe, THEY can actually pronounce "nuclear"

"Many of them ran for office on a platform that said 'we're against corruption, we are for better schools and better hospitals.' On the platforms I saw I didn't see a lot of people saying 'vote for me, I'm for war,"' Bush said.

"They ran on a 'better life' platform. And in order for that to come true, when they get in office they've got to deliver on a better life, and you cannot deliver on a better life if part of your platform is to say 'I'm going to destroy my neighbor,"' Bush said.