Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I have just figured out why I keep finding chocolate stuck to my laptop. Mystery solved!

But I have not decided to remove the chocolate that is already there. Who knows when I might get stuck in a long meeting????

It is hard being me.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

We are chugging ahead!

Saturday morning, I went with Paul and my dad to taste CAKE!
Cake is tasty.
We tried a few cakes and frostings, talked with the nice lady for a while, and then left. And then we got headaches and took a nap. Yay cake for brekkies!

We met with a few photographers and hemmed and hawed at price vs. quality for a few days, and finally settled on the one we preferred. Everything adds up so fast, we were tempted to just go as cheap as possible, but I think this will be the better choice in the long run. Once that contract is signed, we'll be able to move on to CAKE. Cake will be fun. You get to eat it. Of course, the cake tasting and the dress fitting are at odds with each other, so that is very sad. I have no doubt about which will win.

Sunday we went to Berkeley to see Paul's old friends and Paul was rather adorable with the kids. He like the Baby Einstein too!

As I stare thoughtfully into the distance...

Here comes the dirt bike
Beware of the dirt bike
Because I hear they're coming to our town
They've got plans for everyone
And now I hear they're over their sophomore jinx, so you had better check it out

All hail the dirt bike
Philosopher dirt bike
Silence as we gathered round
We saw the word and were on our way
Now it's

Brain washing dirt bike
Ground shaking dirt bike
Mind bending dirt bike
In control

Soul crushing dirt bike
Self propelled dirt bike
You see I never thought I'd understand
'Til that bike took me by the hand
Now I ride

(They Might Be Giants)