Friday, March 26, 2010

Goodbye, Cruel Week

This afternoon was placed a crown of shit on top of my colossal turd of a week.
Yes, I was, at one point, literally on the floor of my office in a fetal position.
But there were high points too:
  • cupcakes! Sprinkles and Kara's! (Sprinkles wins, because I have a sweet tooth. But Icing on the Cake is still my favorite)
  • Having my parents over for their birthday dinner and spending the evening with my family
  • Nearly making my boss spit coffee all over her keyboard.
None of this was enough to fend off a bout of rubber-ball-of-self-pity time upon getting home from work this evening. All week I have felt like there was a pile of bricks on my chest. I could not breathe when I walked home. Wallowing for a bit helped me breathe a little.

I will spend the next week catching up, and you know what? It will not be nearly enough.

Monday, March 22, 2010

The problem with living in a family-friendly suburb, is that there are families living here!
And their punkass kids, whose outdoor play I used to think was charming, have gotten tiresome as they leave their trash in our yard, they drag branches into our driveway, throw rocks at our fence, and stomp in Paul's new flowerbed. I can mostly ignore the constant yelling.

Paul helpfully reminded me not to worry, within a year or two they'll all be inside smoking pot and playing video games.

I can hardly wait.

In other news, Saturday night the police were being very active on our block, with cars parked all around with lights on, a helicopter circling our block and maybe two others for about 1.5 hours, and apparently, though we didn't receive this honor, the cops were in the yards of the next block over with guns and dogs.

But no one knows why.
Our neighbor who is very nice said she called the police to find out and they basically pretended there was nothing. She seemed very concerned that nothing like that had ever happened in this neighborhood before...

Yup, the place has gone to shit, could you tell the parents of those punkass boys, so they can move to a better neighborhood please?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The cat has been hollering incessantly since 7:15 this morning, and continues as I type. Is it so wrong to want to strangle a cat?

I spent the last week mostly in training, so now I'm about a week behind at work. Which means I have to weeks to actually catch up on my quarterly OKRs before declaring myself an utter failure for the quarter (wouldn't be the first time I suppose)

But we were invited to go visit friends who recently had a second baby! And are very excited. We didn't want to bug them unless invited because we don't want to be in the way, and assume they haven't gotten enough sleep and don't need our bother. We have a terrible cat and are very sympathetic to no sleep, you see?

I let Paul sleep in until 9:30 on the weekends before I start trying to convince him to make me waffles. 24 more minutes...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

So! What did we do this weekend?

My parents have been dropping off bags and bags of oranges from their tree every time they dropped by for the past few weeks. And we had a lot of lemons left from our tree. So Saturday I decided to squeeze all of our citruses. I went through several bags of oranges and came up with about half a pitcher of orange juice. 10 lemons each yielded two pitchers of lemonade, and I had the satisfaction of no more unused fruits taunting me when I went in the kitchen. While I did this, Paul hovered nearby baking some bread from scratch to impress my bread-loving mother.

This is one of several lives I imagine for myself. I can't live them all, but day to day I guess I can squeeze some of them in.

Saturday night I went to the City to work and got to see Marisa which was fantastic. We're going to go see her next play on opening night! It's a good work night when it doesn't rain and I don't encounter too much "creative" 2am driving on the freeway ride home.

Sunday I got some projects in order and cleaned up the homestead a bit in time for the girls to come over for craft day. I hemmed some curtains and then moved on to more embroidery for my quilt project. "Embroidery," you're saying, "how horribly grandma!" First, I love my grandma and aspire to her greatness. Secondly, embroidery can be way cute and fun. I'll be making the busiest damn quilt ever. Sure, I considered making a classy, subdued, elegant quilt, but where would be the fun in that? This will be awesome and so busy I won't be able to sleep under it due to its loudness. And then the cat will puke on it, and like a movie theater carpet, you won't even notice because the whole thing is so busy anyway. Maybe I'll embroider around the puke stain for posterity.

Other projects boing done at craft day: knitting (and swearing), crazy quilt piecing, and painting numbers for a toddler's bedroom.

And Paul showed off by making soup as well and generally spoiling us with yummy snacks. You should totally come next time.