Monday, March 08, 2004

tail lights

Sunday was a ride day. After staying out too late Saturday night, I somehow managed to drag my self out of bed in time to meet friends in Woodside for a ride. This is a good thing. Charles looked happy to see me, despite my lack of the usual perkiness. I was happily surprised to see the fastest rider I know had shown up, and got to follow her through the hills a bit. Which is ALWAYS fun. I know, the first thing when I ride with her, is get her tail light out of sight. Joanne’s tail light is like the sirens luring the sailors out to sea. And mostly, I know better. But there was a while on Tunitas Creek Road when I kept seeing her tail light ahead. I’m thinking “Either I am over-riding my abilities, or Joanne is TOYING with me!” That’s funny, she doesn’t LOOK evil…

Sometimes, it's the quiet ones you have to watch out for.

It was really fun to ride with people who are challenging to me. I've spent the past few weeks either riding alone, or in front. Also good things, but it's good to get the challenge sometimes too. Shit, and I was starting to think I knew how to ride!

On Stage Road, noticed something really cool that I somehow have completely missed in all the times I‘ve ridden it. I need to slow down more often. Maybe it’s time for another sportbike. (hah!)

Oh, and apparently I was talking in my sleep last night. Supposedly something about making pants while doing the Sheetiron, but that may have been bullshit. My sister told me a few years ago that I talk in my sleep, and I cannot prove this, but I've been told by a few people that it's the case. I'm really really curious as to what I say though...

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