Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh, Albuquerque, you SO CRAZY

Oh my.

I sent my beloved Sidis out a few weeks ago (this is taking much too long for me, a daily motorcycle commuter) to be re-soled.
I've been wearing my M4s every day instead, which are hugely uncomfortable, take ten minutes of pushing and pulling and grunting to get on and off, and are slightly dangerous since I can not feel the controls or get them under the shift lever, but that's OK because I know UPS is scurrying those Sidis back to me!

Except I think my Sidis are in a ditch in New Mexico right now:

How often do trains derail, really?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Daycare - It's not a goddam Ginsu Knife

Have HAD IT with child care centers trying to be cute and coy about tuition rates. Look, please post this information on your website. If you can't do that, please answer the damn question the first time I ask! Do not try to "schedule a tour" in response to the question. This is not a fun little game for a person who just has all the time in the world to waste with you.

I am a busy parent, which is the whole reason I am trying to find care in the first place. I do not have time for your used car sales tactics. I can only imagine what every other goddam interatction with your center would be like, should my child end up there.

"Is my kid ready to be picked up?"
"Oh! I'm so PLEASED that you asked! Did you know we offer extended care for a small fee?"
"Yes but I just want my kid. Is she ready? Anyway, you didn't even say what the small fee was."
"Oh, why don't you see how you like the extended care facility first. I know you'll love it"
me--->> calling the police to spring my rugrat from this hostage-taker.

It's a simple matter of economics-- I have $X left to pay for my little snowflake's daytime warehouse. You tell me what you will charge, and I will compare it the that number to determine if I should waste our time taking the tour. I know you think by being coy you can get me hooked first, but I am not going to pay more than $X because that is all I have. There is no more!

Saturday, April 13, 2013