Tuesday, August 23, 2005

These people make me embarrassed


Robertson, a contender for the Republican presidential nomination in 1988, called Chavez "a dangerous enemy to our south, controlling a huge pool of oil, that could hurt us badly."

"controlling a huge pool of oil" ought to be enough to invade any country from now on. We need more gas! At least we should be honest about it. I guess I should respect him for not trying to say they have WMD or something.

I do not believe that CNN is actually referring to this idiot as a "contender for the presidential nomination." Even the Republican party can't be that stupid.

Barkbusters, finally

(For some reason, my camera has decided to turn all my pictures blue. Bear with me here.)

A week or so ago, the Renthal bars and barkbusters finally went on the SV. It's been over a year since I decided to finally do that, but, blah blah blah, lots of wasted money and unusable bars in between. Now, here they are. And I like it, sort-of. Still need to fine tune. I think I need risers, since the new riding position has my arms pulled so far forward that they feel straight all the time. Risers may mean longer cables and stuff, meaning complications... Also, that windscreen looks stupid with the new setup. I am toying with going back to the old flyscreen, but it was really noisy on long trips. But, then, how often do I ride to Seattle?

Dunno, but at least it's progress.
Oh, and how did I finally find bars that fit?
Streetfighters USA
Since they work on streetbikes, they are actually selling the Renthal Road bars. These will fit all your silly controls and doo-dads, the ones that dirtbikes don't have. I got the low ones, which I may not be thrilled with, since there's no cross bar, but they are a little longer in the flat part, which was a nice guarantee I wouldn't end up with another set of useless bars.

Despite being stretched out in a new riding position, it wasn't really uncomfortable on Sunday, when we rode to Tahoe and back. Unfortunately, it was HOT in the Central Valley. Ugh. Yuck, and ewww. We ate ice cream cones the size of our faces, and watched squirrels. I tried to nap on a boulder overlooking Emerald Bay, but was not allowed. Crappy rock cover bands are evil. Oh, and here's a good one: DO NOT, under any circumstances, wear swim trunks that are white. That's fucking horrible! They get wet, and, uh, see-through, oh god...

Saturday was cool because I got rid of some crap that had been piling up in my apartment for years. Photo chemicals I'd been storing in my closet since my first semester at college? Turned out to be quite easy to unload with a quick trip to the drop-off point in South SF. No problem! Then we filled up all three of Paul's Givi cases with books and went down to the library to drop them off. All gone! Yay! Tried to get rid of the used oil in Paul's garage, but got the run-around at the Berkeley drop off center (asses!) and then picked up camping gear out of a friend's garage that we'd been meaning to collect a few months back. So productive!

This weekend, Vegas, for work, and then I'm coming back and getting rid of more stuff.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Fez Monkeys

I’ve never been one to get upset about birthdays. Maybe I’m just not old enough yet, but I just tend to think that getting old isn’t such a bad thing. Well, until you start to lose it. That scares me. But I think that’s a long way off.

Despite myself, I wasn’t having a very good day yesterday. I don’t take change well, so I was a little depressed about relationships shifting in my life. At some point you have to throw up your hands and walk away, but it’s still sad. Yesterday. Sad. On the verge of tears. Maybe it’s from unrelated stress. But I don’t FEEL stressed about anything else. Huh.

Somehow, Paul made everything better, and completely spoiled me. It’s a little disgusting. We went to Pasha, which was like a train wreck. Middle Eastern is hands-down, my favorite cuisine. I’d rather have good hummus than a cupcake, probably, and that’s saying a lot.

Pasha is like a bad Disneyland version of Middle Eastern, but smarmy. That’s a good thing and a bad thing. The food was very uninspired. We had the Vegetarian Combination, and the cheese flambe, which was a sad reminder of how good the saganaki was at Byzantion in Seattle (this is one of those foods you dream about for years to come). The hummus wasn’t as good as Kan Zaman or Saha, but it was OK. Everything else was OK, except for something I ate which I thought was bad, like when you eat a strawberry and it tastes like dirt and then you see that there’s mold on the one below it, but Paul thought maybe it was spiced to taste like that. Hmm.

The real attraction to this place, I assume, is the ambiance and entertainment. And it WAS entertaining. There was a smarmy MC musician guy with his lecherous drumming cohort, and then a belly dancer. The whole thing had a very Vegas lounge lizard feel to it. They made a bunch of people in the audience get up and dance, like one at a time, and do a bunch of embarrassing shit. I flatly refused. It was like a train wreck, and just got more and more horrifying, watching all the middle aged accountants with their party of coworkers getting "crazy." But still funny. I have to think if there’s anyone I hate enough to take them to this place and make them get on stage.

After the show, the disco ball effect over the curtain draped walls and ceiling, along with the droopy techno reminded me of being in a come-down tent at Burning Man. Don't get me wrong, all of this was an experience not to be missed. I never have to wonder about Pasha again. And I won't ever get the image of the fat Indian guy with a giant mustache and a cheap sportcoat dancing in a fez.

After like $32 of pomegranate (and supposedly vodka) drinks, we were still sober (the drinks sucked as much as the food), and finished up and headed to Drunken Monkey, where we listened to bad music while I slurped down a real drink, before going home.

I love riding on the back when I’m drunk.

Paul makes everything better.

I never wanted to be one of those people who loses touch with their friends when they are in a relationship, but despite my best trying, it’s starting to look like that. At least I know it’s not my fault. I tried. I have always fought change tooth-and-nail, but it’s the way of life, and I ought to learn to be more accepting of that. Anyway, my mom always told me that adults don’t really have friends. It makes me unbearably sad, but I’m only going to allow sadness a few more days before I throw it out the door too and plunge into the next thing.

I am getting the hell out of town this weekend. Somewhere. Anywhere. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

ummm. OK.

Yamaha FJR1300
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You have the characteristics of a master street rider. On the way to
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You need a bike that can handle your addiction to the twisties as well
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Link: The Motorcycle Personality Test written by iocaine on OkCupid Free Online Dating

Monday, August 15, 2005

Girls' Weekend

It’s always sad to see people drifting in and out of your life. Sure, you meant to be close forever, but that rarely works out in the long term. Did you drag it on painfully, or just peter out? Did you upset each other? Get tired of each other? Just stop having time? Who knows, and why belabor the point? At some point, you give up, and chug ahead.

On the other hand, if I’d never been blessed with anything else in life, I’d be the luckiest girl in the world on account of my family. My parents and siblings and grandparents are wonderful people that I admire, respect, enjoy, and most importantly, love dearly. I miss them when I don’t see them. When I need to make changes, I seek their advice. I can’t remember any fighting in my adult life. There’s no drama, no manipulation, no favorite, no wondering what’s really going on underneath.
Also, we drink a lot of wine and eat a lot of cheese and chocolate.

This weekend was Girls’ Weekend, a tradition my mom started many years ago, which involves the three of us (my mom, my sister, and myself, and NOW, my brother’s wife!) going for a weekend together, usually at a B&B within a couple of hours from here. Occasionally, we go somewhere more distant, like the year we went to the LA County Museum of Art to see the Van Gogh exhibit, or to Chicago to spend a few days in museums. This year was fairly low-key, just a quiet weekend in Half Moon Bay, chatting, knitting, drinking, poking around bookstores…

After all these years, my dad countered with a Boys’ Weekend, and invited Paul to spend the weekend with him and my brother in Sutter Creek at a Ragtime festival. Paul gamely accepted. I think they had at least a little fun, since they went wine tasting.

I spent a good part of my day trying to book the ferry to Isle of Man for next year’s TT. I still don’t know how it works, only that I am supposed to get some information in January, where they confirm my time and fare. I think it sounds overly complicated and kind of like I’m getting screwed, but this is the only way (besides flying, which is out of the question) I still have not found anyone who can actually offer useful advice about travelling to Isle of Man.

And now, Paul and I are starting Mandarin classes this Thursday evening. I’m going to Vegas next weekend for work, though I’ve just found out that my dates are all screwed up. This coming weekend is pretty empty. I’d like to see my sister.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Time is on my side

Got this from a few of my friends...

20 years ago I...
1. Was 7.
2. Was changing schools and having no friends, again.
3. Was a Girl Scout
4. Thought I wanted to be a waitress when I grew up.

10 years ago I...
1. Was living in San Francisco, in my own apartment, at 17.
2. Spent most of my hours at school or doing homework
3. Thought I wanted to be a costume designer
4. Wore short skirts, big boots, striped tights, and spikes, almost exclusively.

5 years ago I...
1. Was working at my first full-time job in the apparel industry, at 22, which I was really enjoying at that time.
2. Was trying to get my first motorcycle back up and running, as I’d only just gotten it before it crapped out.
3. Was clubbing and socializing and sewing, a lot.
4. Could drink you under the table.

3 years ago I...
1. Was desperately trying to find a new job at 24 since a monstrous woman had been allowed to take over my department and run the company morale into the ground.
2. Was killing time with a not-especially-engaging ex.
3. Was riding motorcycles frequently, and spending lots of time with wonderful friends (Charles!) because of that.
4. Was working on buying my first NEW motorcycle.

1 year ago I...
1. Was working hard at the job that made me feel like an actual career-type-professional person, at 26.
2. Was falling madly for Paul
3. Was nursing the wounds from a pointless SV650 crash, after having ridden the damn thing to Seattle and back by myself with no problems.
4. Was going to my first trade show in Vegas for work.

So far this year I...
1. Have gotten a promotion at said job.
2. Have done my first endurance rally (1000 miles in 24 hours)
3. Have made plans and movements to pay down my student loans, and make future financial goals and framework
4. Have been to Italy and Beijing

Yesterday I...
1. Got my credit report, requested an account number change to help avoid identity theft, and saved $400 on insurance by dropping collision.
2. petted the cats
3. Baked cookies (not very successfully)
4. Missed Charles

Today I...
1. Spent an hour on the phone with the idiots at customer service for polo.com (It’s a work thing.)
2. Split the bridge and 101 traffic on a nice sunny day on my SV, with new dirtbike bar setup.
3. Am falling madly for Paul
4. Will go to the Asian Art Museum.

Tomorrow I will...
1. Show up late to work, glad for the Friday
2. Make some sort of complaint about what’s going on or not going on for my birthday.
3. Ride to San Jose with Paul, to hang out with my family all weekend. (me with my mom, sister, and sister-in-law, him with my dad and brother)
4. Drink beer, or wine, or possibly cocktails, and give my sister hugs.

In the next year I will...
1. Pay down my student loans on schedule, and get a new computer
2. Go see the Isle of Man TT races
3. Fall madly for Paul, and consolidate our lives a little to make space for things we want to do.
4. Pet cats and sit in hammocks and drink cocktails with friends

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

a joke my mom sent me a long time ago.

A squad of Marines drove up the highway between Basra and Baghdad.
They came upon an Iraqi soldier badly injured and unconscious. Nearby, on the opposite side of the road was an American soldier in a similar state, but he was alert.

As first aid was given to both soldiers, they asked the Marine what had happened.

The Marine responded, "I was heavily armed and moving north along the highway. Coming south was a heavily armed Iraqi soldier".

"What happened then?" the corpsman asked.

"I told him that Saddam Hussein was a miserable piece of crap. Then the Iraqi told me that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Tom DeLay were miserable pieces of crap."

"We were shaking hands when the truck hit us."

Packing Light

This weekend I made a big leap. Nothing is different now. But it was a big leap, a question, hard to say, but it came spewing out, in a moment, almost of its own accord.

I have a fairly stable life, and there are things that have been unchanging for over ten years. But now I’ve come to a point where I’m looking to make a big change. They always said you would “just know,” but it was very hard to believe. And then, one day, there it was, in front of me. Leaning on a car, looking very sexy, I might add.

So in the next six months or so, I’ll be making a change. But the last year or so had been a big change too. It’s not drastic feeling; it’s revolutionary but comfortable and wonderful. I’ve never been in the position to consider giving up my apartment before. If you’ve ever had rent control in SF, you know how serious this is.

I’ve lived in my apartment for over ten years now. Once it seemed very big, but then I acquired all this crap. It’s still a great apartment. It’s so central to everything. Saturday, Paul and I walked down to the Yerba Buena and saw the Maori exhibit there (very cool; it was mostly contemporary stuff) and then on the way back, ran into Chinese dragon dancing and kids doing martial arts/dance in Union Square. Tell me, in the suburbs, do you ever have that? When was the last time you “wandered” out and happened upon Maori people in loin cloths and then Chinese kids in dragon get-ups? Other days, we’ve had impromptu and slightly drunk architectural tours and stunning views of the Bay Area from some of the hotels here. I’m in an Irish bar, an hour from now, I’ll be in a tiki bar, then pop over to the Folk Art Museum on the way home. Watch out for the drag queens, some of them are really buffed and agro.

But I won’t live there forever.

I’m already pretty adept at packing light. I carried my all my luggage in Italy, as well as my mother’s, frequently. A weekend away on a bike means a small backpack, not a trunk full of shit. When I arrive in New York for the sales meeting, there’s usually, a “where are the REST of your bags?” No, this is it. I don’t have cable or TiVo. I don’t need a brand new cellphone. What I need is the friends I’ve kept, my bikes, and maybe some pie.

Now it’s time to look at the crap that has accumulated in my life, and toss it away. Make room for what’s next. Pack light, and your options stay open.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The quickest way to put a girl in tears

Sometimes I have to go shopping for work. It’s a bit tricky, but I’ve got a bit of a routine, which works in department stores. I work for a menswear manufacturer, so I grab a bunch of women’s clothes too and duck into the dressing rooms to look at stuff a little closer, take notes, measure, or whatever. It’s a pain, and sometimes very awkward. And sometimes I end up with clothes for myself, which is bad. I don’t shop all that often for clothes. Clothes are overpriced, and I’d rather spend the money on motorcycles, mostly.

So that’s what I did Friday, left early to survey boys’ shorts, and ended up with some jeans for myself which I will probably take back since they aren’t perfect.

I’ve never bought anything at the GAP before. But I’ve been on the lookout for jeans for a while, and when I walked in to do work shopping, I saw that they were offering new fits. That’s great, since most stuff doesn’t fit me right.

Observations I have to make about jeans:
1.) Low Rise. Nobody likes High Rise, but Low Rise shouldn’t be very. Low, I mean. A couple years ago, I was in Express, and they were selling jeans with a 4 1/8” rise. OK, that’s pretty scandalous, right? Well, I know a few girls that could pull it off. But these jeans should not even be cut in sizes above 4 or maybe 6. Certainly this shouldn’t be mass marketed. When the Gap guy asked me how I felt about low rise, I was like, “how would you feel about selling me low rise? Would you feel like you’d done the world a disservice?” That was what I thought, I said “no, that wouldn’t look good on me.” Perhaps these sales people ought not ask girls what they want, they ought to say “You, ma’am, can have a low rise jean. YOU, can not.” And then, “I see that you are getting a low-ish rise jean. May I suggest that you actually buy the correct size? You know, instead of the one in your hand that is too small and will cause a fat-awning to lower over your ugly-ass belt. Just trying to help, and beautify the city.” Modern Day Heroes, they could be.

2.) Men’s pants come in inseam lengths by number of inches. Women are generally just stuck with one length for all. Sucks for jeans, which never look right when you hem them, on account of the wash. So, it was exciting to see Gap had different lengths. Funny, really, because I saw Long, and Regular. I asked the guy to help me find Short. “Oh, would you like Ankle?” he says. I look confused, and ask him, what is “Ankle?” “Ankle hits around the ankle.” WHAT does this mean? Am I to believe that Gap has formulated magic pants that grow or shorten depending on the height of the wearer? I’ve always wanted Magic Pants! The excitement was almost too much to bear. Call it what it is, dumbasses.

3.) I’m a very average woman. I’m about 5’6” or 5’5”, probably depending on how much slouching I’ve been doing at work lately. Actually, I’ve just learned that makes me taller than average. So here’s the thing: Short length, when offered, is usually just a touch long on me. Or in the case of the Gap jeans, just plain too long. I’d understand this if I were actually short, and trying to buy “Regular.” Hello, manufacturers: don’t bother with the lengths if you can’t get it right.

4.) Wash: I like that there are new options in wash, but I don’t like that most of them are crap. So here are a few ground rules:
a. “Whiskers”- no. This is fucking stupid. Say it outloud and ask yourself if it sounds good: “Crotch Whiskers.”
b. Pre-worn look washes. I see you are lightening the thigh area to give it a worn look. That’s OK in moderation, but when it looks like it’s been bleached, it also looks like you’ve just sat in something. No.
c. Holes- Holes. In new jeans. Stupid. So. Stupid. I want a discount.

5.) Flare: bad. Looks bad. Short and fat and bad. Unless maybe you are super skinny and tall, and then you just look like you have no style.

6.) Pockets: Yes, they are women’s clothes. But they are jeans, which means I intend to live in them. Give me some fucking pockets, and make them full-sized, jackass. It is not a prom dress. I do not have some sucker to follow me around carrying my stuff. Wait, maybe I do, but nevermind that. (To be fair, this wasn’t a problem with the Gap jeans. Rampage is a repeat offender here.)

This has been a public service announcement.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Survey says:

Another Survey. This one from Keith.

1. If you could trade places with one of your friends for a day, who would it be?
For one day? I’d like to give them all a try. But if I had to choose…
Maybe Steve. He’s bonkers and a genius, I’d like to see the world through his eyes for a day. Plus, I could, like piss out fires and stuff.

2. What were you doing at this time yesterday?

3. What will you be doing at this time tomorrow?
I hope sleeping.

4. In the past month, what was the best moment you had?
I’ve had a lot of moments:
Getting drunk and looking at fishies and penguins would be one.
Getting good and drunk at Zeitgeist with Paul and Mark and etc. was another.
Dinner with Paul for his birthday
The bendy-straw time at Charles’ birthday party.
But the BEST, was probably napping in the grass at Laguna Seca

5. When was the last time you were at a hospital?
When Dale dumped Joan’s BMW on a gravel road, and we waited in the emergency room for him to be seen. That was fun. Then we had martinis or something all night.
The last time I was in for ME, was a few years ago, when I discovered that codeine and me are un-mixy things.

6. What kind of car do you have?
Um. That’s the thing with the extra wheels and the giant waste of space, right? I have a few Hot Wheels. I have one that’s a little toilet car. That one’s real cute.

7. When was the last time you were taken advantage of?
Every time I pay my taxes, or get a speeding ticket. I feel pretty taken advantage of when my work makes me give up my weekend to travel too.

8. What do you take for granted?
That my parents will always be there to take care of me if I fail. Fortunately, I don’t use that. But I think it’s there.

9. What is the best thing about your job?

10. How many times have you been rejected?
For, like, anything? I have no idea. Job searching, ex-boyfriends, schools, I don’t keep track of all that. I am happy where I am. I’ve been dumped a few times, my resumes have been ignored many times, and the Jesuits have never wanted me at their schools. Fuck the Jesuits.

11. Think of the last time you went out with friends. What was the best part of it?
Zeitgeist. Seeing Paul do his happy dance. Seeing a lot of people I rarely see. Beer.

12. What was the last movie you watched?
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover. Peter Greenaway. Seen it a few times, love it every time. In the theater: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

(what happened to 13?)

14. In the near future, what are you most looking forward to?
Not going to work tomorrow. Gee, my life has really slowed down. Next big event is Vegas in November.

15. What do you dislike about your bedroom?
It’s a fucking pigsty. So, I guess I just wish it were, like four times as big, and had a garage attached to it.

16. Describe your morning routine.
No routine. It may involve toast and coffee, may involve stretching or doing core exercise, may involve catching up on email. Shower, toothbrush, etc of course. Then I try to beat my time for getting to work, if I’m running late. Sometimes I arrive at work and don’t remember the commute at all. Other times, I’m wide awake and lanesplitting.

17. What is one food you have never and will never try?
Seahorse. How sad.

18. How would you handle it if someone liked you but you weren't into them?
Get over it and move on. Like that’s never happened before. Fortunately, I’ve tricked the only one I want into wanting me back.

19. What was the last thing that got on your nerves?
Traffic light sensors.

20. What would your theme song be?
That’s a big commitment. Right now, it would be “Borrowed Time” by MDC. Or maybe “Motorbike,” which is mostly meaningless, by Sheep on Drugs.

21. Can people tell when you're upset?
Yes. I throw things, or get very quiet, acerbic, and decisive.

22. How much money did you spend yesterday?
Actual cashflow was zero. I suppose you could figure out a daily cost for rent, gas, insurance, depretiation of bikes, etc. But, I was drinking, and do not care.

23. Would you rather go to the doctor or the dentist?
I have no aversion to either. I miss my old doctor though.

24. Tattoos are?
Frequently just a different type of uniform. Worship your subculture!

25. How long would you have to date someone before you slept with them?
I don’t remember. I’m done with that.

26. Do you practice any form of religion?
No. I was raised Catholic, but I gave that up for Lent many years ago.

27. What is a special talent you have that most people don't know about?
Sometimes I can make weird noises with my eyeball. That really freaked Paul out I think.

28. Growing up, who did you have posters on the wall?
Iron Maiden! Oh yeah!

29. What is your favorite thing about summer?
I LOVE San Francisco on those very few warm summer nights we get. I also love watching the fog roll in, and not having to carry rain gear.

30. What do you think of the person who posted this survey before you?
Keith is nice; probably too nice. He needs to fix that damn dirtbike or stop talking about it.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

13 minutes!

So Paul and I went to a place called Medjool on Monday. It was for Paul’s birthday, and he didn’t want a party. Well, actually, we had a HUGE party, and we just didn’t invite YOU.

Medjool has a wonderful rooftop bar, with a really nice view of SF. I recommend the rooftop bar.

The restaurant is a nice space, but I thought the food was a little lacking. My first complaint was that they told us it was a “tapas” restaurant. OK, “tapas” is Spanish. This was a Mediterranean restaurant. I understand “tapas” are more trendy, but it seems insulting that they wouldn’t just call it what it is--“mezas.” I don’t call burritos “sandwiches” or pad thai “pasta.” Asparagus was great, and the vegetable and goat cheese pastry was good. Hummus was so-so, and that’s my test for any Mediterranean restaurant. Nice dining experience, food is so-so. Love the chandelier. Overall: a nice place, good for rooftop drinks, perhaps a nibble and dessert in the restaurant.

We watched Outfoxed on Saturday. This movie is interesting to me because I don’t have cable, so I’ve never watched Bill O’Reilly or any of these other folks. That part of it was definitely eye-opening; just watching a montage of a supposed news-figure telling loads of “guests” to “shut-up” sort of speaks for itself. A few interesting statistics about what FOX-watchers believe (for instance, that something like 80% of them think we’ve found WMD in Iraq!), but then, I know how easy it is to lie with statistics. I would have found the whole thing a lot more believable had it been made with higher production values, some back-up material (I am not interested in what “anonymous” has to say unless you can give me a reasonable fact-check or some proof of his reliability), and oh, perhaps a little balance? It’s a little ridiculous to make a movie, slamming the propaganda of FOX, which feels so very propaganda-like itself. Which sucks, because I pretty much think they are right. I just wish a more professional movie had been made. It kind of makes us look stupid.

Instead, see this:
Control Room
I found this movie really interesting. In particular, watch the out-takes part too. Great movie.

I’m trying to streamline my life and get rid of the shit that’s just left-over from a different me. I’ve finally concluded that I no longer sew. As such, I’m going to get rid of almost all of my fabric. I have a shit-load. Seriously. Together with the rest of the crap I need to unload, it’s totally garage-sale worthy. But I don’t have a garage. I’m too stupid to ebay (I wouldn’t know where to begin with shipping). I need to figure something out here. But, yeah, books, clothes, art supplies, bike parts, fabrics, and some other random shit, need to find new owners. I need the cash, so if I can figure out how to sell it, it’s gone.

I think I’ve finally found my handlebars. We’ll see this weekend. Again. (sigh)

Yesterday I made it to work in 13 minutes. Now tell me how cool your Explorer/Navigator/Yukon/Murano is, bitches!

And now, a photograph that has nothing to do with any of this, just because I am testing the blog photo feature:

This image is an old favorite. This is what happens when you run over a tiny crack in the pavement on an SV650, wearing Alpinestars winter gloves, at low speed. That is my hand just over a year ago.

Monday, August 01, 2005

I know for a fact I’m getting old

Sometimes I think wistfully about the old days of getting dressed up, going out, drinking, maybe dancing. And then occasionally I get off my ass and go drinking, and within twelve hours I know why I stopped. Oh, I was once quite a drinker. I have no idea how many shots I’d do at the bar while nursing a Long Island Iced Tea in the other hand. And then the flask of warm jager or vodka I sometimes carried…

I think I had three drinks on Friday, plus a beer earlier, and felt kind of shitty Saturday. Not an actual hangover, but I got a very late and bumpy start. Ugh. Screw that.

Cat Club Friday was only saved by the fact that the electricity went out and saved us from a couple of hours more of Hanson and Spice Girls and the horrid crowd that had filed into the bar. In the dark, the scary people left and it was just a few of us left to talk in a normal (not yelling) range and catch up by candlelight. Nice, but I still hated losing most of Saturday.

We finally did get our shit together on Saturday and go down to the Apple store downtown. Which was fun, because I’m actually interested in buying a new computer, for the first time in many years. I can’t really afford this, so I’m going el-cheapo. That means the 12” Ibook, almost certainly. I asked a few questions of the various Apple employees and didn’t really like their answers, but whatever. I’m sure they were stupid questions, but that’s what they’re paid for. It’s not my job to know this shit; that’s why they get paid, and I don’t look at them like idiots for not knowing what seam is sewed first in a pair of pants.
I asked about the monitor hook-up capabilities, and the girl told me that of course I could hook it up to a monitor on my desk. Well, actually, she said, only a regular monitor. Not a digital monitor, so not, like, an Apple monitor, she said. Um. I have no idea. But I think it’s kindof dumb that Apple wouldn’t sell a monitor that could be used with this machine. So is Apple stupid, or did the girl not know what she was talking about?

Upstairs, I saw that some of the software being sold listed a PowerMac as a system requirement. I understand that the Ibook isn’t made for, like, video editing, but I am surprised to be led to believe that it can’t run a Rand McNally map software package. Also saw this listed on a few games and things, and my guess (Paul’s guess) was that it would really have more to do with the processor power/size whatever, and that the listings were just lazy or vague. So I asked. “Is there software over there that can’t be run on the Ibook? I see that some of the boxes list PowerMac under system requirements, and I’m just wondering if that’s correct, or if the new Ibooks could handle that stuff.” Besides, like video editing. I was told “It’s listed on all the boxes what each one requires.” No shit. But is it true? I mean, if that’s the case, you’re telling me the Ibook can’t open fucking MAPS? So is Apple stupid, or did the guy not know what he was talking about?

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Apple. I’m brand loyal if for no other reason than habit. I don’t know why I don’t want a PC, I just don’t. I want a Mac. It’s what I’ve always had. I’m just saying, they weren’t being very Rebecca-friendly at the store. I’m an idiot. Please steer me in the right direction. That’s the selling point of the Mac, and the Apple Store, isn’t it? User-friendly, Geek Bar, and all that?

Regardless of all that, I did leave pretty happy and excited about getting an Ibook (eventually. I’m trying to delay my purchase a few months.)

For now, I need to stay away from nights at the Cat Club, since they cost too much in time and money.