Sunday, December 28, 2003

christmas, sewing, road trip?

I've been out for several days, and not caught up with messages from anyone yet. Apologies.

Christmas was pretty flurking great for me this year. The best gifts? Two clean bills of health for two very dear cancer patients.

Made gifts for my brother and sister this year. I haven't wanted to sew for a couple of years, and may MAY start again. Maybe. I'll take baby steps on simple projects. Some people may remember that once I was very good this. a few of those people may know that for the past year or two or maybe three, I've been completely disinterested in sewing. We'll see if I can start to pick up where I left off. At least until the sun comes back out again.

Ahh, and I also got saddlebags for my bike. Road trip, anyone? I've got to figure out how to mount them on the DRZ without melting them on the tailpipe... hmmm? I really want to ride out to Portland or LA for a weekend this winter/spring. Or, uhhh, pretty much anywhere. And now I can carry a bar in one of my bags.

Monday, December 22, 2003

Should I even have to say this?

You know, I really don't respond to those people who send me messages starting with "hey cutie/hottie," or any similar opener. But I understand that there are enough dumb girls who respond to that, that a guy might be confused into thinking that's a good conversation starter... so I don't get too mad. But,

Should I even have to mention that I will NOT respond to anyone trying to get my attention by calling me a bitch:

"hot rock bitch do u want to chat on msn

(___________) " (handle omitted to protect the ass who doesn't deserve to be protected.)

That is so incredibly pathetic. In addition to the fact that I would never respond to anyone with such a lack of manners and sensiblility, I went to Paul's profile, and it turned out he was decidedly un-hot. Also, I don't respond to people who use the typing equivalent of baby talk "u" for "you," etc.

So, no, "ugly-ass rock cocksucker," I do not want to chat.

Seriously, some people's children

Friday, December 19, 2003

The Season (sappy, personal, be forewarned)

It's a little known fact that I love Christmas music. I love Christmas everything. This has always been my favorite time of year. Oh, sure, the weather sucks for motorcycles, but I love the crispness of the air, and walking around downtown SF in the rain is just wonderful (washes away the smell of stale urine very nicely).

Went to San Jose to eat rice with some friends last night. My very dear friend is finishing up chemo right now, and telling us that Christmas is ruined. He can't return to Texas as he'd hoped for the holiday. And there will be no presents, he says, I am too goddam tired, it sucks, Christmas is ruined.

But I'm pretty sure the rice he made last night and the company we shared and the fact that he is still here to share it with us is the best present I'll get this year. I'm also hoping he'll take me up on my invitation for he and his fiance to come up north to be with my family for Christmas.

My grandparents built a huge house up north which they generally designed around the idea of "how can we best accomodate large gatherings of people?" The kitchen is big, and designed with a counter to gather around, sine we all end up in there anyway, but it opens up into the huge living room because none of us can stand to miss out on putting our two cents into each of the thousands of conversations happening at once. There are several extra bedrooms despite their retired couple status, as there is always a visitor or 30 coming through. "Stop in Jackson to see my family," my brother and I both tell our friends. "You can stay at my grandma's house. In the morning, she'll make you the best waffles you've ever had." My grandmother is the best person I've ever met, and she made the finest collection of people you could hope to meet. Christmas and Thanksgiving are the times I get the gift of family renewed, and every year, we are joined by "extended family," guests and friends of family. My grandfather, who loves numbers and trivia, takes joy in counting at every gathering... "30 people! 50 people!" I can hear his thoughts... What luck! What joy! Good company is really the best thing on the planet. And the numbers, there is magic in the numbers...

For Thanksgiving, we all talked about what we were thankful for. I said I was thankful for my family and friends, and just as important, the people that took care of my family and friends when I could not. In particular for me this year, this meant the nurses that have taken care of my loved ones in their need and pain. Cancer has been an ongoing theme; it doesn't surprise me anymore, but that doesn't make it less painful. My aunt would remind me that it's not a death sentence. (Ironic that she's the one who finally succumbed to it, then.)

For Christmas, I hope that my friends and family know their presence in my life is all the gift I could want. Some people have entertained me, brought me soup when I was sick, taught me, inspired me, put up with me, chaufferred me, fixed my bike, cheered me up, gotten to know me, and, a few even loved me. We've given each other a few adventures. In the end, I really don't know what my gift is to anyone else. I think it's hard to see that about yourself sometimes. But in the spirit of the season, the gift I'd really like to give to my friends: I'm hoping that I can can make you see yourself the way that I see you: tall, strong, loving, comforting, growing, and inspiring

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Bad Rides, Dirt, Tires, and Don't I Have a Sportbike Around Here Somewhere?

OK, so I think I'm gonna break down and get dirt tires put on next weekend.
Yesterday I went to join up on a ride leaving from Oakland. After over an hour of riding, we'd spent about half of the time on the freeway, and a few minutes going v-e-r-y slowly around a bit of twisty, and a bunch of time in suburban traffic. It stunk so much I turned around, split off, and came home. I understand that the guys on big sportbikes have a lot more to lose from a loss of traction than I do, but it still frustrated me. "We can't stop riding for a little bit of winter weather!"

Two years ago when it snowed on Skyline and Mt. Hamilton, I rode up Hamilton with several friends. It was supposed to be dirt bikes on the street ride, but my DR woudn't start (as per usual). I took the EX ratbike. There was ice in every corner, and my already crappy EX500 made it up and down the hill, sliding (not in a cool, rear wheel slide kind of way, either) through all the icy corners. I went really slowly, and I nearly slid into a truck in one corner, but there was nothing really to be done for it but hope and pray. I made it. It was very cool.
It was a terrible idea, but one of the rides I'm most proud of. There were two other girls on sportbikes in the group when we started, but they turned around when they saw the conditions. (they were sensible, in other words.)

So! Into the dirt for the winter!
Several people have been proposing dirt rides to me for the past two months and I've been turning it down on account of the Gripsters. No more!

Who's in? C'mon, haven't you always wanted to see me cry?

I may even pick up the EX for street riding for now, since I'd like those knobbies to last until May, when I get my next set.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Moto Java

OK, so in one year, I've left 15,000 wonderful miles on my brand new leetle dirtbike.

I know, it's supposed to be a waste, but around 12,000 miles, I went and bought the extended warranty. Before you tell me that's a waste, try to think of how many miles I will have when that four year warranty runs up... 60,000! On a 400cc dirtbike!

So, today I took it to Joe at MotoJava to get the valves checked, to keep it in warranty. Left it with him around 7:00pm, and felt a little teary eyed as I left to take the bus home.

They have JUST called me, at 9:00, to tell me they are done, and I can have it back!

Joe is the best! (and Paul, who I don't know very well, but is the other guy at MotoJava.)

I can not say enough good things about Joe and MotoJava. Very cool shop, very nice people, and they always take care of me.

Anyone looking for a used bike (this is a great place for newbies), sound advice, and honest, fair treatment, please do yourself the favor of checking these guys out.

No, they don't pay me. I just feel like good work ought to go noticed.

Monday, December 08, 2003

bike show

November 8th
Went to the bike show today. Hardly got rained on, but while I was there, it was pissing rain. Good timing I guess. Sat on a bunch of fun bikes, and a couple of stinkers. (will have a link to pictures of me on a Honda Rebel soon.---Nevermind! That link is gone now...)

I've been unbelievably sick all week, missed three days of work, had no voice whatsoever Monday through Friday. Only whispering. Somebody brought me soup Wednesday and I felt like a dog left in the house alone while the owners are out of town for the weekend. People! Wagged my tail, jumped up and licked him in the eye. But my bark was still gone. Anyway, much appreciated.

I've started to get my voice back after about a week of whispering only. But chatting with friends today did not help. Back into hiding!

Isn't this terribly exciting? Well, I've been cooped up in the house by myself all week, what do you expect?

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

sick fuck

So I thought I just had a little cold, y'know, like minor. But I keep getting worse and worse, lost my voice, starting Saturday, little more on Sunday, and today and yesterday I can't talk AT ALL. Whisper, yes, but talk, no. I learned how to order a pizza off of the internet yesterday because I had no energy to leave the house and no voice to make the call. I know, pizza's not really sick food, but I couldn't figure out how to order soup off of the internet. Baby steps, like.

As of yesterday I started feeling like shit and a few hours ago my throat started hurting. The last time my throat felt like that, I thought it was minor, walked into the doctor's office, and wound up in the back of an ambulance with the paramedic explaining to me how to do Jello shots. "jagermeister, that's ok, but you gotta try this..." I didn't have the heart to tell him I wouldn't try it since Jello's not on my vegetarian diet.

I was admitted to the hospital then and spent the night. It's been a couple of years since I've been admitted to any hospital, so i've been thinking it must coming on that time. But let's get it over with now, before the insurance copay goes up to $250 December 1st, OK?

And after I get over this thing, I think I need to go get a flu shot. I am desperately afeared of needles, will someone come with me and hold my hand?