Wednesday, April 28, 2004

John's latest survey

Because I really ought to be working, and because nobody cares:

001) What time did you start this?:10:28 AM
002) Name?: Rebecca (that's all you get)
003) Date of birth?: 8/16/77. The day Elvis died.
004) Sex?: yes please
005) Height?: 5'6”? I think?
006) Eye color?: Hazel
007) Weight?: 145 lbs.
008) Location?: San Francisco, CA
009) Where were you born?: Fountain Valley, CA
012) Do you have crush on someone?: not really
013) Do you have a bf/gf?: no
015) How long have you been together? 26 years
016) What are you wearing right now?:work clothes. Boring.
017) Would you have sex before marriage?: I might.
018) Have you ever had a crush on any of your teachers? no
019) Are you a virgin?: uh, riiiiight. Of course!
020) Do you smoke? No
021) Do you drink?: Heavily
022) Are you ghetto?: I don’t know, I don’t think so?
023) Are you a player?: who WROTE this crap?
024) What are your favorite colors?: black and red
025) What is your favorite animal?: goats
026) Do you have any birthmarks?: yes
027) Have you ever gotten your ass kicked?: only by a dirt road
028) Who are your best friends?: charles, followed by several people who pale in comparison
029) Have you ever beat someone up?: no.
031) Have you ever been slapped?: No
032) Do you get online a lot?: yes
033) Are you shy or outgoing?: shy at first, then I don't shut up (I’m with John on that)
034) Do you shower?: once a month, need it or not? (what kind of question is that, anyway?)
035) Do you hate school?: I wish I could be in school forever. Working is lame.
036) Do you have a social life?: yes, it’s just not always on.
037) How easily do you trust people?: not very easily. Everyone gets a little bit to start, and we work from there. But truly trusting someone, very rare.
038) Have you ever lied to your best friends?: No
039) Do you have a secret people would be surprised knowing? Apparently.
040) Would you ever sky dive?: probably. Would I ever pay to skydive? Hell no!
041) Do you like to dance?: yep
068) Have you ever been out of state?: yes.
069) Do you like to travel?: yes, it’s one of my favorite things
071) Have you ever been suspended from school?: no, but I did get detention for cutting school once.
071) Do you want to get out of your hometown? Yes, but I already am.
072) Are you spoiled?: in some ways. Not overwhelmingly though.
073) Are you a brat?: sometimes.
074) Have you ever been dumped?: uh, yeah, several times. It rocks!
076) What's your favorite drink?: the one in front of me. I like fruity ones with lots of stuff on the glass, that you could put your eye out with. Tiki drinks are the best.
077) Do you like Snapple?: no
078) Do you drink a lot of water?: on a good day.
079) What toothpaste do you use?: Tom’s of Maine
080) Do you have a cell phone or pager?: yes
081) Do you have a curfew?: no.
082) Who do you look up to? My parents. My grandparents. Those kids that ride dirt way faster and better than me. Damn 8 year olds.
083) Are you a role model?: I can’t imagine to whom. My mom’s dog seems to like me.
085) What name brand do you wear the most?: Marsee, motorcycle gear of choice right now. Regular clothes? I don’t really do the name brand thing. Maybe my own stuff.
086) What kind of jewelry do you wear?: silver.
087) What do you have pierced?: body parts.
088) What do you want pierced?: boys.
089) Do you like taking pictures?: no. I always forget.
090) Do you like getting your picture taken?: sometimes.
091) Do you have a tan?: hell no! I don’t like tans anyway, and I think it’s fucking stupid to go get cancer on purpose.
092) Do you get annoyed easily?: Oh, yes. I have a terrible temper.
093) Have you ever started a rumor?: I can’t thin of any, except that one about Mike dumping me twice. But that was based on true things, just said a different way. That’s ok, right?
094) Do you have your own phone/phone line?: yes, two of them, and a work phone line, and three or four email addresses… ugh
095) Do you have your own pool?: yes, it’s called a bathtub
096) Do you have any siblings?: yes, two, both older, one brother, one sister.
097) Do you prefer boxers or briefs?: boxers
098) Have you ever been played? I think so. If that means what I think it does.
099) Have you ever played someone?: No, if that means what I thin it does. ENGLISH!
100) Do you get along with your parents?: Oh yes, it’s all very strange. They’re wonderful people. You would love them too.
102) How do you vent your anger?: Very poorly. Ride faster, throw things, bitch and moan loudly.
103) Have you ever run away?: I run away all the time. But I always come back.
104) Have you ever been fired from a job?: no
105) Do you even have a job?: Yes. It’s boring, busy, but uninteresting.
106) Do you daydream a lot?: all the time. Meetings are great until someone wants me to answer a question… what were you talking about?
107) Do you have a lot of ex's?: What’s “a lot?” and what exactly are “ex’es?”
108) Do you run your mouth?: Once I’m talking, there’s no stopping me.
109) What do you want a tattoo of?: Phoenix. (not the city, but that would be funny)
110) What do you have a tattoo of?: shhhh
111) What are your favorite flowers?: I have no clue.
112) What does your ex bf/gf look like?: which one? The most recent: rather cute, with crooked teeth, and kind of cut (climber). There, more detail than anyone really wanted.
113) What does your most recent crush look like?: I don’t really have one. Actually, I saw a guy on a dirtbike a few weeks back I thought was cute, but as I went home I realized he looked a lot like the ex. Scary.
114) Have you ever been bitched out?: yeah, of course.
115) When was the last time you bitched someone out? hmmm... I chased a cager down a couple of months ago to yell at him for making a left run in front of me. I had narrowly missed him.
116) Are you rude?: I’m direct. I will ask the question that is impolite, and I will get to the point quickly. I will also tell you exactly what I think. That’s often rude.
117) What was the last compliment you received?: “you’re a good rider.” From the ex. I’m not counting all the random “hey cutie, you’re hot, come be my friend” things I get on this site, as they are ridiculous and meaningless.
118) Do you like getting dirty?: yes. Dirt is good.
119) Is your bellybutton an innie or outie?: innie
120) Are you flexible?: The trainer said I was. I used to do ballet, when I was very young.
121) What is your heritage?: about half Irish, ¼ german, and a bunch of other mostly-European stuff.
123) What does your hair look like right now?: Long, dark brown with red tips (about 6-8 inches.
124) Could you ever be a vegetarian?: I’d consider it.
125) When was your last real heartbreak?: Recently. But not over romantic entanglements. I get more upset over friends.
126) Describe your looks? Pale. Really fucking pale. Otherwise average. But not average in a Midwest, size 22 wearing size 12 low-rise jeans kind of way. (apparently, this is the actual average American. Shudder.)
127) If you had to completely dye your hair it'd be what color: Bright red. Except I have a very corporate job and like to have the flexibility to run in all circles, so maybe I’d go for a “natural” color.
128) Would you ever date someone younger than you?: he;; yeah! But we don’t really call that “dating”
129) Would you ever date someone older than you?: yes, usually. Always, really.
130) When was the last time you were drunk?: I got a bit tipsy last night. Really drunk? Prolly that Friday night at the cat club when I ran into Rob a few weeks ago.
131) When was the last time you went on a date?: define date? I go on date-like non-dates a lot. Stunt dates. Sunday night, and the Tuesday before that. A real date, for, like romantic purposes? Ummmm, I guess a couple of years ago when I met Eric.
132) Would you rather give or receive oral sex?: give.
133) Have you ever given?: gee, I dunno.
134) Have you ever received?: Let’s not be stupid here.
135) Have you ever had an eating disorder?: No. But sometimes I get really drunk and then hungry and drop my food.
136) Do you have one now?: no.
137) How many rings until you answer the phone?: as soon as I can get to it and shut the fucker up.
138) Have you ever been skinny dipping?: Yes
140) Do you look more like your mother or father?: mother? I guess. The facial hair…
141) Do you cry a lot?: I don’t know if it’s a lot, but I am not afraid to cry. I always cry at the movies.
142) Do you ever cry to get your way?: no. I wish I could do that.
143) If you had to amputate one limb, what would it be?: I’m guessing you mean one of the four, and no pansy answers like a finger or toe? Right foot. Don’t need my rear brake that much anyway.
144) What phrase do you use most on the phone?: “what? I get terrible reception in the house!”
145) Are you the romantic type?: sadly, in many ways, yes. But not immediately.
146) Have you ever been chased by cops?: not chased, well, they always say they’ve been following you for miles, but that’s just something they say.
147) What do you like most about your body?: It works. So far. Oh, in a shallow sort of way? Um, I have good eyes.
148) What do you like least about your body?: Unfortunately those eyes are technically blind, so I have to wear contacts. What a fucking pain! Also, I am missing my gallbladder. And I’m fat. I wish I was stronger. I can’t pick up my goddam motorcycle.
150) When was the last time you threw up?: Drinking with Charles. Omigod, yes, the puking.
151) In the opposite sex, do you prefer blondes or brunettes?: dark hair good.
152) What do the shoes you last wore look like?: sidi sympatex road boots. Smelliest boots in the universe. Made of Lorica, waterproof, black, with Velcro closure.
153) Do you ever wear shirts to show your belly?: yeah. Not recently.
154) What about cleavage?: hey, I’m trashy like that. It’s no secret.
155) Is your best friend a virgin?: I hope so.
156) Have you ever fucked someone up?: what does that mean, exactly? I’ve convinced many people to drink way more than they should have. Or is this an emotional thing? Yes, sort of, once, but the responsibility was very much shared between the two of us, and the fucking reciprocated.
157) Have you ever been fucked up?: Yes.
158) What color are your underwear right now?: black
160) What size shoe do you wear?: 9
161) What jewelry are you wearing now?: two rings (one puzzle, one claddaugh), and some piercings
162) What is your screen name on AIM: no way.
163) Would you pick a wedgie in public?: uhhh, no. Not my own, anyway!
164) How are you feeling right now?: ok, I have lots of work and don’t want to do any of it. Very excited about the weekend.
165) When was the last time you were at a party?: I can’t even remember.
166) Have you ever given a lap dance?: uhhhh, no.
167) What do you sleep in?: my Murphy bed. Nothing.
168) Has there ever been a rumor spread about you?: Yes, people used to talk about me quite a lot, which is funny, since I;m really a terribly uninteresting person. Women seem to feel threatened by me, and make stories to make up for it. Shrug.
169) What is one of your bad qualities?: Judgemental and stubborn.
170) What is one of your good qualities?: Optimistic, loyal, actually caring underneath all the bullshit.
171) Would you marry for money?: I’d say no.
173) Have you been in Love? Maybe. I am completely in love with my bikes.
174) Are you more of a mama or daddy's child?: yes. I love them both.
175) When was the last time you cried in school?: I haven’t been in school for several years
176) Do you wear Chucks?: I don’t know what that is. I don’t think so.
177) For two million dollars, would you pose for Playboy?: I probably would, but I would make them sign a release of liability for all the cancelled subscriptions which would result.
178) What time are you finishing this?: 11:25

Sunday, April 25, 2004


Today I got to ride the mille, finally.
We left very late, like around 4:00 out of SF. Got to the hills, took a short ride, including a bit of switch-off with me on the mille. It's a big thing, I barely get my feet down comfortably. But once it's in motion feels very good. Definitely fun, definitely more power than I would want or need for the street. The tank's too goddam big, or I'm just too small, I don't know which. But all in all, a fairly comfortable ride for a sportbike, and seems like a pretty forgiving engine. Steering dampener was a bit foreign to me. Turn, dammit! OK, stop turning! Then, GO! ok, ENOUGH "go!"

Nice bike, but I'd still rather have a DRZ.

I'm tired of being short.

Several beers.
sleep now.

Friday, April 23, 2004

boring motorcycle stories

So John has complained about my “boring motorcycle stories.”
And just for him, I wanted to write something really emo, because I know he loves that shit.

And I thought all week about how to tell the story of why I was so down recently, and that someone I felt was a good friend had treated me like fucking dirt, and how that really freaked me out. How I hadn’t been treated like dirt in ten years, and how it did a number on my head, only because I thought this person was a good friend, a stand-up guy, someone who might be on the same page as me, in terms of how you treat friends.

I imagined making this journal entry terribly emo, just for John. It would be a magnificent piece of self-actualization, followed perhaps by a sense of closure or maybe even an apology. My life would be exponentially better for getting this off my chest, and opening up to the people around me.

But after a few days of trying to figure out how that should go, I’ve given up. Sorry, John, but it’s true all I really care about is motorcycles. And drinking.

I’ve been out at the bar every night this week, and what fun I’ve been having... Sometimes I think I'm getting old and boring; I'm glad I got to hang out and bench race over pints all week. Every night I get a little faster, the mud pit gets deeper, my crashes a little more spectacular. No one seems to tire of the "no, you got schooled by a GIRL on a 400" punchline.
Last night I met up with some people for that Thursday night ride thing, which was not much of a ride. Boo. Squids, blech.

Tonight there’s a possible trip over Mt. Hamilton in the dark, which sounds just incredible. I love Mt. Hamilton, and I’ve always been a little intrigued by the idea of a night ride to the observatory. I hear there will be no moon, so it should be very dark, very still. Maybe I’ll pick up the other bike at the end.

Saturday and Sunday, I’m toying with heading North. I have a freeway bike now. I really want to go to Portland one of these days, and Seattle.

My chiro says I should wait a few weeks, and see if I need to come back at all. I'm hoping for "no," and closing all that up in the next couple of weeks. I want to start getting in the dirt again. I also really need the money to pay off the medical bills. crap.

Now seeking other two-wheeled fruitcakes who think riding several hours for the perfect cup of coffee or slice of pie is a perfectly reasonable idea. You're out there somewhere...

Saturday, April 17, 2004

It's been a blur

This week's been busy, and not real heavy on sleep.

Highlights included:
Monday Night Ride, we actually RODE, and I got to take my new baby in to the twisties for the first time. And it was pitch dark, which I really enjoy. Good stuff, though I will miss MNR this week.

Tuesday. What the hell happened to Tuesday? I do not know. If you know, and have pictures, please advise.

I'm pretty sure Wednesday's highlight was the dumbass cop trying to chat Sara and me up at the bar. Sadly, I think he thought he was getting somewhere. But, the best part is that he said he used to be a bike cop, which made Sara and I both perk up, and lean in closer, suddenly interested... "really? That’s so cool" he looks a little proud, "what kind of bike?... Wait, you mean a BICYCLE?... Oh, nevermind..." and just completely lost any interest, now the both of us are snickering to each other and looking all over the bar for something better to do, than waste time with a fucking bicycle cop. "I thought he meant a REAL bike" We were both a little drunk, and if you think I'm an asshole sober, well, you should see me drunk. He seemed a little deflated, but maybe just a little.

Thursday rocked. I went for a bit of a ride in the East Bay with my SV. I fucking stunk up the ride with my slowness... Hey, now I can ride with boys without bruising their delicate egos! I'm pretty sure the DRZ smashed more than one. But now, with the SV, I am so goddam slow. Some idiot tries to explain to me at the bar that he's good at everything except for corners. "I'm really good at the straights though. Yeah, really good! But corners, I don't know, man" Holy crap. I couldn't believe he said that. What I couldn't believe, even more, was that it was the third time of him telling me that before I told him how stupid that was. I was trying so hard to be nice. But, seriously. You're a dumbass. I mean, I could have said the same and it would have been true. I can't corner the new bike for shit. But that's because I suck, and I wouldn't go around saying I was good at going fast in a straight line. Sir, I'm embarrassed for you, since you apparently have no clue.

Went down to see some friends and show off the new baby. I LOVE my new bike.

Friday I saw Kill Bill 2. Woot, it was fun, good times. And, we had crepes first. I LOVE crepes.

Today, I went on a ride with some guys I'd never ridden with before over Mt. Hamilton. I saw Charles on the freeway in his truck; he called later to tell me I was riding too fast for conditions. (It was raining in San Jose) But I was late! I had to go swap bikes to get the DRZ! I quickly and quietly swapped bikes so I could sneak out without rousing my parents, who I did not have time for. My dad has attached a heat shield to my DRZ for the saddlebags! It doesn't look like ass! Rockin! I really do have the best parents ever. Anyway, grab the DRZ. What happened to the throttle? Oh. Right, it's not the SV anymore. Um, and where are my brakes... Ok... I can get used to this, right? Take the first corner... HELL yeah, I can get used to this! Met up with the guys, two ducs and a gixxer, and we headed up Mt. Hamilton at a very civil pace. More civil than I'm used to, really. But that's good since it's wet and I don't know these guys. All good riders, we actually stuck together, which I'm not really used to. It seems like most rides separate with space in between, but we all stuck together. Hmmm, interesting... I tried to follow the lines of the guys in front of me for a bit. Right, this is how we learn; it's all coming back to me.

I did not blow the turn, you know, THAT turn. I was waiting for it, I knew it was waiting for me. I did not blow it. Woot!
That new cop was at the top, pulled us aside and gave us the same line and lecture we all got last time we were up there, except that this time I know for a fact, we had not been going fast, had not crossed any double yellows, and had not passed any bicyclists in any remotely bad way. He's full of shit. Also, he said there hadn't been any fatalities this year, and admitted that we had not crossed the double yellow. But we were still going way too fast for that road, he said. Huh, clock me, prove it, and show me the speed limit, fucker. He's full of shit, is what this boils down to, and hates motorcyclists.

Life is good, I have my leetle dirtbike back, I'm going to see what must be a horrible studio apartment on Monday after work. There's stuff going on this week and I can't remember what it is... but I do have next weekend free. Anyone want to ride to LA? This time I won't be on the dirtbike, so it's a good idea this time!

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Shiny Blue Happy Pill

Today I'm in such a goddam great mood... I cannot focus on work at all... there is a shiny blue thing in the parking lot that is calling to me; it's all I can think about.

Last night went on a great night ride throught the Santa Cruz hills. I'm scared of my new bike, a bit, and taking it slow, but it's wonderful. And I love riding in the hills in the dark, it's so beautiful. It was a good, mellow way to start riding twisties with the new bike, without the pressure of daytime squid traffic and my own push to go fast.

All the shit that's had me down over the past couple of months has been completely eclipsed by the SV. Just now, everything's right in the world.

Monday, April 12, 2004

SV Goodness! And Easter Morning Ride

I have SV650 goodness!
With much much help from my hero, I brought home a very nicely used SV650 last night!

Weekend was very good, Saturday I went all day without much needed coffee so that I could go to bed early. After a couple of days of trying to see Bay Area SV’s that were seeming very elusive, I went and gave a little test ride to a Superhawk. I’ve been eying these bikes, but put off by the size (1000cc’s just doesn’t sound like me at all) and the gas tank (100 miles, no more.) But rode it anyway, and very much enjoyed the feel and sound of it. Hmmmm… I considered it. Of course I was terrified because I’ve been riding a 400cc dirtbike for the past year. The Superhawk was a reminder, “so THAT’s what happens when you roll on the throttle! Holy crap!” And “How do you turn these things again?”

Then went to bed very early because I was to have a very long day Sunday. But the guy in Rocklin (just outside of Roseville, which is just outside of Sacramento) called back and still had the SV I saw in Cycle Trader. So I arranged to see it in the morning, making my day infinitely more complicated. Here we go!

Sunday I got up at 2 to do the Easter Morning Ride, which I’ve always skipped. Never Again! I will not skip it anymore, what a great time! Fucking great, I don’t know what to say. A couple hundred motorcycles running through San Francisco pre-dawn, running up an unfamiliar (to me) hill in the dark with nothing but a sea of tail-lights twisting up the road in front of you through the fog, arriving to a crowd of motorcyclists you can’t really see, exchanging smiles, coffee, donuts, and something I’m still not sure what it was (“drink this!” “what is it?” “I don’t know just drink it!” “uh, ok”)… To watch the sun rise on Mt. Tam. Brilliant, and the hot boys on dirtbikes didn’t hurt much either, once the sun had come up. Hello Sailor! Damn, but I could not stay to chat them up, I was due in San Jose. Back down the hill, played a bit with one of them, as much as I dared on the sopping wet and unfamiliar road, and sped like a madman to San Jose (this is relative to my engine size. A sportbike guy would not think 90 for an hour was speeding, but, he would also cry when I took him down Tunitas. It’s all perspective.) to meet my hero who took me to meet my new motorcycle two and a half hours away.

The bike is in very good condition, low miles (by my standards anyway) and just really pretty. OK, so I wanted red. Everyone knows red bikes are faster. Oh well, I am not that patient, and I think it was a pretty good deal. Little test ride, it’s a fun bike! And very punchy, compared to the DRZ. I could be mistaken, but I get the feeling it wants to wheelie.
So then we part ways, and my hero takes my dirtbike back to San Jose, and I take the new bike to my grandmother’s house for Easter dinner. This is gold rush country, the roads are swell, but there are a lot of people touring around visiting family. No fun, but I am trying to be conservative anyway. I have no license plate, and don’t want hassle. Wow, I can just pass people now, whenever I feel like it! That’s a feeling I haven’t had in a while. Dinner is great, family is great, and I take off to lanesplit almost the entire way home. This bike is tight and crisp, the way a bike ought to be. The EX felt sloppy. The DRZ is just a different animal. (a really fucking great animal!) This feels like other sportbikes I’ve been on, and sounds nifty too. Not loud, not even growly, just real. It’s actually quiet but it has that “whirr” which I can’t describe to non-riders. So nevermind, I’m happy, I’m scared, it’s way punchy and won’t forgive nearly as many sloppy habits as my DRZ. I have to be much more careful, and I’m riding it very conservatively. Downshifting is not smooth.

But I’m ready to ride all over the place now.
Who wants to go to LA? Portland? Seattle?
C’mon, I’ve got a travel bar!

Friday, April 09, 2004

Thursday night riding, and more complaining on my part

Yesterday I got myself all worked up over this bike I wanted to buy. I try not to want things too much, but once I actually decide, this, I want THIS, I am incredibly impatient. So I had it all rolling around in my head, I could smell this bike and feel it between my legs, I had envisioned bringing it home, stopping by the SFMC to show it to the Limey, who’d gotten excited with me about each of my bikes, one by one, as they each rolled into my life.

Boo, hiss, I did not get to buy the damn thing. It was all I could think about all day. I got giddy, then deflated, then sad, then antsy as the excitement had gotten me all worked up with no where to go…

And went on a ride which a friend of mine is trying to start up in the East Bay. I’ve been trying to find roads in the East Bay, so this seemed like a good idea. Also, there are people I like to see no matter what. So, Thursday Night Ride, how does this compare to Monday Night Ride?

Well, Monday night riders don’t scare me as much. I know most of these people, and most are competent riders. We all seem to agree on a certain level of safety, not riding above your head, etc.

Thursday night ride was a surprisingly big group. And there were a few really bad riders. I scare easily, so I was terrified of riding with these people. Two stood out quite a bit, including the fat guy on the FZ who I followed for a while, looking for a corner where he WASN’T going all over, so I could pass him. I did, and I think he was watching me, because later I saw him trying to take corners like I do. Don’t do it! “This is not for you!” I’m 140 pounds on a dirtbike, you are like 275 on a little old sportbike. I got, like, MAD suspension for DAYS, yo. You have… A sad little thing that wants you OFF of it. Do NOT get on top of the bike and push it down under you. He also dropped his bike while we were all standing around waiting. It was hilarious. I have no idea how such a big man could drop such a small bike. I mean, you would think he’d have had to pull it out of his ass first.

Stood around at the wall while somebody decided where we were going. I am the only girl. That’s normal and wouldn’t merit mention, except that I think it explains the comment some guy made while we were standing there. Fast guy on an XR comes railing around the corner past us and gets me all excited. Could I get my helmet on and catch up to him? Nah. I am not even on my bike.
Some guy standing next to me says “Those bikes will make ANYONE fast.” As far as I can tell he doesn’t even have a bike.
“What, an XR?”
“Just, any dual sport. It’s like a dirt bike. Ride one for a few months, it will make anyone fast.”
“Huh. That’s a good idea. I think I’ll TRY that.” (put key in [my dual-sport] bike and start to put helmet on) “It’s kind of a girls bike, don’t you think?”

I don’t even understand why some people open their mouths.

At any rate, the police followed us. In Santa Cruz hills, I know which roads to take to avoid this; there are so many options. But apparently there are only like three roads in the East Bay. So the ride became an exercise in, well, boring-ness, and we decided to turn back. Someone is out of gas. We have gone, like TEN MILES, and this numbnut is whining about gas. Who shows up to a ride with 10 miles of gas? None of this is doing anything to combat my view of SF/East Bay sportbikers as a bunch of posing idiots. “Hey baby, I ride motorcycles” is about what I think these bikes are for, to some of these guys. I’ve had this feeling about SF bikers in general for a while. My friend Zeke flatly admits to it regularly and tells me I’m one of the few real motorcyclists. He says he’s just an image-biker, but I know that’s not true. I’ve ridden with him, and he’s tons of fun to ride with. But, yeah, there seem to be a lot of those guys around here. (and girls, whoa, don’t even get me started on some of these girls! Wait, no, I must, but it’s another journal entry, for sure.)

Anyway, after stopping for gas (grumble grumble) we headed back in to town to convene at some bar, where I ran into a friend who has not been riding his DRZ. I chastised him and poked at him for a while before heading into the City to stop by the SFMC, where I had a pizza delivered and complained loudly about the lack of Guinness.

Everywhere I went, plans were discussed for Easter Morning. We’ll see.

OH! and I saw goats! That almost redeems the crappy East Bay roads.

Sunday, April 04, 2004


So anyone who actually knows me, knows that I don’t really date. As I like to say, "dating and me are un-mixy things." (stolen and paraphrased, yes)

Charles may remember when I gave it up, like two or three years ago, and maybe he even remembers the string of boys that made the reason. (bank-robbing, DUI’s, and bad grammar were all involved.) It's actually more complicated (and less reactionary) than that, but it just SOUNDS better this way. Anyway, and yeah I made an exception for Eric. But, he was so nice, and, DREAMY. (but incredibly well-behaved/boring, oh, well.)

Last summer I was having breakfast with a friend of mine, for his birthday, a friend who had on many occasions attempted to convince me to go out with him, and he says to me, something like, "I don’t think I’ve ever met this boyfriend, I think you made him up so I would stop hitting on you." I assured him that was not the case, and then realized that it was sheer genius, and kind of wished it was true.
99% my friends are guys, and ALL of the close ones are. Which gives us the perfect setup for the stunt-date. Slightly different from the safe-date, which is essentially the gay guy you bring to weddings and such.

The stunt-date, just like any stunt double, is the stand-in for the stuff that might be risky or difficult otherwise. It allows you to do all the things you want with none of the bullshit. I’ve played stunt-date to friends who recently went through breakups and needed a jealous ex, and those who needed to be left alone by stalker-types. Recently spent the better part of a weekend with a stunt-date whose actual girlfriend is very very far away. (I went home in the evenings, thank you. I’m always a true gentleman.) Don’t have time or energy for a girlfriend? Don’t want the nagging and curfues? Want to still go out and get numbers? Get a stunt-date.

It’s a lot easier for me to deal with, and doesn’t traumatize friendships. (maybe some day I’ll make an entry about my theory on why you should not have sex or "get involved" with people you actually like or care about. I’ve been explaining that to bewildered people for years.)

However, for the record, that same friend, that thought I made Eric up, has, as of this morning, cancelled his second big stunt-date with me. Last year, he broke up with the girl and wanted someone to make her jealous at some concert. Dinner and a ride and all that shit, just come with me so I don’t feel terrible seeing her… and then cancelled a couple days before. And now, same thing, dinner, some concert, all that, and a couple of days before, cancelled. This time he admitted to me that it seemed a bad idea because "on some level, I am attracted to you, and might try something stupid." In this case, I’m a little relieved because I didn’t want to go, and had other stuff I wanted to do that night.

However, I’m not really sure how I should feel about being dumped by someone I wouldn’t actually go out with in the first place.

More time for me!
And today I rode, in the East Bay, finally found a tour guide, made some miles… the roads there are just not as interesting. I can see the sportbike appeal. I kept up ok until the road opened up, and I made the mistake of hesitating, and then it was all over. Once you roll, off, it’s ten minutes to get back up to speed! See you guys on the other side!
But I did see a goat. And that made it all better. And watched my friend do stupid shit on his bike, terribly amusing.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

20K! 20K!

Today I rolled 20K on my DRZ! woot.
This bike rocks. I can't imagine anything better. It's great in the city, fast in the hills (please don't insult my motorcycle, or I will embarrass the hell out of you, literbike-boys.), perfect for the dirt stuff (at least what I'm doing)... and so goddam cute. Yes, I love my motorcycle more than I love you.
Oh I love this motorcycle. I can't say that enough.

Today went riding with some friends. I had to do some speeding to get there in time, but managed to pull up just as the others arrived. We headed out quickly to one of my favorite roads. The Man on the Monster behaved badly and was roundly chastized. He deserved it, but he blamed the bike, "it makes me do evil things!" We got passed by some Fast Guys on Empire. Damn.
Changed oil, made a big mess because a rocket scientist decided to put caulking in the garage floor. One, two, three, we each took turns accidentally stepping in it and tracking it around the garage. Lemmings. This was good for many laughs.

Tomorrow I'm going riding. I didn't plan to go riding today, so it, uhhh, didn't count? Joiners, call me. Blah blah blah. Won't leave too early since I'm working tonight and we lose an hour to daylight savings anyway.

Is there someone out there who can crack my back? I don't know what the chiro did, but it don't feel right.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Number 11

Got my registration confirmation for the Sheetiron on Wednesday. I am so goddam excited! Charles had me all worked up with stories about it being full. I am Number 11! That's how quickly I jumped on it. And I signed three other people up with me. I'm curious whether they got lower numbers, which would put my check as the 8th one recieved. I'm a big dork. I can't even ride dirt.

Also have my hotel room. I was all over that, within the same day. I am SET! All other details are negotiable. I may camp or hotel Friday night, I may ride or get a ride, I may have a roommate or not. I don't give a damn, I have covered MY ASS. You're all a bunch of flakes anyway.(That's not directed at anyone in particular) That is, those of you that aren't out-and-out assholes. (That is.)

And the chiro is going. Well, I'm gonna be cutting it really close to get this finished before the sheetiron, like by a few days, I will let her know I'm on a schedule next time. I'm also still looking for my SV. Not sure when I can get Charles to drive out of state to look at these things. I can't barely get him to come to SF for tiki drinks.

And I have a bug in my ass to do the Easter Morning Ride. Which I have skipped every year because I have family-- that I actually like to spend time with. This year they're convening in a town 2.5 hours away, instead of San Jose, and yet, THIS is the first year I'm tempted to do it. Which would mean, besides the usual stupidity of getting up to ride before the crack of dawn. (not so stupid, really), I would have to ride 3 hours to the start point, and 3 hours back. On a dirtbike. New heights of stupid shit, on my part. Anyway, I'm fairly sure someone will talk me out of it. Or maybe someone will join me? Heh. Yeah, right.