Saturday, March 13, 2004

things that go "bang!"

I got up at omigod in the morning to jet down to SJ to play with guns today. And it was great fun. Two friends with way too many guns, and three of us with none. I really don't know a damn thing about what was fired, except that one was a nifty WWI rifle that nearly knocked me over when I fired it, one was a very dramatic (smokey) black powder thingy, and one of them burnt me when it went bang. (don't hold it so close, duh!)

The range deal was sort of a pain, all these rules, and fiteen minutes firing period, and stand behind the line, etc., etc., but all very fun.

"make those bullets disappear!"

and then mom called and we had to go home. boo.

Motorcycles, guns, good friends, a ride in the pimpin-est van ever, a visit to the parents' compound, and I have had a very very good day.

I'm working on dyeing my hair, which I haven't done in quite a while, and now I remember what I used to keep boys around for. Damnation. I hope it does not stay pink.

On the way home I got an inspiration, and now I need to make a pattern.

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