Wednesday, March 10, 2004

We're back on!

OK, I think I'm done being depressed.
Nothing cheers a girl up like spending a couple of hours and wads of cash on frivolous new underwear.
And cleaning up the loose ends on sad things in your life doesn't hurt either.

Did both of those things today.
And I will make myself get over my downswing starting at 9:30 tonight. I should be giggling as usual by 10:00, and possibly making trouble by 11:00. I am on a tight schedule.

My mother once told me you have to make your own happiness, and I'm a strong believer in this.

I also think if there is no trouble, you must make some.
If life is too safe, pick up a brand new and very dangerous hobby.
Find new ways to take risks and put yourself in harm's way.
Live your life?
Take a bite out of it. It's fucking tasty.

"No hurt survives for long without our help, she said & then she kissed me & sent me out to play again for the rest of my life."(- Brian Andreas)

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