Monday, March 22, 2004

recovering from the weekend

Holy crap, what just happened? It was a good weekend, but, tiring. I need another day to sleep.
Friday night I ran into someone who disappeared a few months back. It was terribly exciting. I’m ready to collect on that ride you promised, in SEPTEMBER!

Saturday morning I recuperated from Friday night (I believe there may have been some alcohol involved), and went to a meeting. Huh, maybe I will go to Burning Man again. I just don’t know. Last year was weird, Eric and I broke up the night before I left, and the ride in was almost as fun as the time spent there. Since I was only there for like four days, and with the stuff going on in my life, I had issues with some of the people in the camp. Which is to say, the camp gets really big, and there are a lot of assholes in it. I was displeased, and spent very little time there. First off, I don’t recognize a lot of these people. This wouldn’t bother me so much if so many of them weren’t such fucking assholes. My sister came by to drop off some of my stuff, (after checking with one of my very pleasant camp-mates that we both actually know) and was given a shitload of attitude by someone I still don’t even know. A few days later, I was very rudely told I had to leave by another person who looked a little familiar, but I also didn’t know. It’s one thing to not know, and ask nicely, but save the fucking attitude. Seriously. Maybe I’m turning into a hippie, I just don’t see the need to be a bitch to people just because you’re so omigod cool for being at Thunderdome.
Funnier still is that this chick was syrupy sweet to me when someone else intervened and said that I was ok. The loose translation of this in my mind is something like “I’m nice to people only if I can tell that they are ‘cool,’ or there is a REASON to be nice to them.” Fuck that noise.
Do I KNOW you?
No, I don’t know you, and I don’t have the time or motivation to try to. I’m jetting off to a friendlier place. I disappeared for days at a time (as per usual) into a very happy camp with a friend and a bunch of traveling Euro student types. Very nice people. And spent some time at the airport.

Anyway, the point of this digression was going to be, Saturday’s meeting was really pleasant, with a small group of people I actually like, and reminded me that I should get into this thing again.

Saturday night I went to the Fetish Ball. I went with a friend, and, upon arriving at his flat, discovered that by coincidence, we were dressed all matched. We could not have matched more had we planned it. I'm not sure whether to think it was cool or incredibly dorky. Vodka helped. Between Fetish Ball and after party, I got home at nearly 6am.

Then managed to drag myself out of bed to go riding on Sunday. Late, yes, but I did get to ride. More amazing was the fact that I was able to get the same friend to drag his ass out of bed for a ride. It was great fun, he is a good rider, we had fun, we went fast, we giggled. Route: 35 to Alice’s for “breakfast” at like 3:30, since we were both having not-quite-hangovers. 84 to Alpine to Pescadero to Stage to La Honda to Applejacks. Stopped to talk with some old racer types, then 84 to 35 and home. A short ride, but fun, lots of fun.

As I pulled up to my block to park, a friend pulled up next to me. So we stayed up and ate and chatted. Now I am tired, very tired from my weekend.

But I woke up this morning with what I think is the beginning of a cold. Crap.

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