Sunday, March 14, 2004

East Bay is Pig Latin for

get the fuck out of my way, you pokey-ass motherfucker!

Tried riding in East Bay again today. Jesus, god, there are so many cars out there! 25 mph behind a car most of the day. There's a secret no one wants to tell me. I KNOW there has to be some better riding over there, but I'm not going back until someone can show me. Spending the day looking at the backs of cars makes me cranky and sleepy. Well, mostly cranky becuse I stopped for coffee twice.
And shit, these people can't drive. Before I got a half-mile out of town, I'd almost hit a motorcyclist (who didn't seem to understand the four-way stop concept) and a van making a U turn on Claremont, who waited until I pulled up very close to her to make her move. Yeah, nice, stopped about two feet from T-boning her. Which pretty much set the tone for my riding the rest of the day.

Highlights were a brief bit of go-fast on Redwood, a tiny bit of scenic-ness on Pinehurst, and running into two friends in town, not on bikes, which is to say, as riding goes, it pretty much sucked.

It's all about the South Bay. I know where there are roads: every damn place you look there's another turn-off with a secret and a view. 15 means 15 and 45 means 80. This I understand.

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