Friday, April 02, 2004

Number 11

Got my registration confirmation for the Sheetiron on Wednesday. I am so goddam excited! Charles had me all worked up with stories about it being full. I am Number 11! That's how quickly I jumped on it. And I signed three other people up with me. I'm curious whether they got lower numbers, which would put my check as the 8th one recieved. I'm a big dork. I can't even ride dirt.

Also have my hotel room. I was all over that, within the same day. I am SET! All other details are negotiable. I may camp or hotel Friday night, I may ride or get a ride, I may have a roommate or not. I don't give a damn, I have covered MY ASS. You're all a bunch of flakes anyway.(That's not directed at anyone in particular) That is, those of you that aren't out-and-out assholes. (That is.)

And the chiro is going. Well, I'm gonna be cutting it really close to get this finished before the sheetiron, like by a few days, I will let her know I'm on a schedule next time. I'm also still looking for my SV. Not sure when I can get Charles to drive out of state to look at these things. I can't barely get him to come to SF for tiki drinks.

And I have a bug in my ass to do the Easter Morning Ride. Which I have skipped every year because I have family-- that I actually like to spend time with. This year they're convening in a town 2.5 hours away, instead of San Jose, and yet, THIS is the first year I'm tempted to do it. Which would mean, besides the usual stupidity of getting up to ride before the crack of dawn. (not so stupid, really), I would have to ride 3 hours to the start point, and 3 hours back. On a dirtbike. New heights of stupid shit, on my part. Anyway, I'm fairly sure someone will talk me out of it. Or maybe someone will join me? Heh. Yeah, right.

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