Monday, April 16, 2007

Won't Someone Think of the Children?!?!!?

We went to hang out with Jennifer this weekend in Santa Cruz. She has all kinds of wonderfulness in her life right now.

Saturday we got travelers and headed for a walk in a lagoon that has a wooden plank walkway built through it. You stand in the middle of the lagoon with water and critters on either side. It is really beautiful. There were tons of ducks and grebes doing duck and grebe things, and some giant fish (carp?) and even a few out-of-place domestic ducks. They looked ridiculous, and immediately waddled over when I sat down, presumably because people have been feeding them. I held out my fingers, and they bit me a bunch. QUACK!

After a drink at a bar looking out at the wharf, we decided to go out to see sea lions. More cool birdies in the water below, and then some sea lions appeared in the water below us. Sexy beasts! Two of them got rather friendly, and then, OMG, totally had the sex in front of us! Jennifer had her camera, thankfully, so now you all get to enjoy this precious moment as well:

As they did this, another male approached and sort of kissed the male, and then the three of them sort of slithered around on each other. What kind of example is that?!?!? (well, at least they weren't like the gay mallards we have in SF)

Scandalized, we explored the rest of the wharf and then proceeded to the Boardwalk, where some kids were getting together for prom. Apparently, guys can wear platforms too now. Good for them, I guess. Now they can trip on nothing too. The Boardwalk still has all the cool old video games from way back, which we oo'ed and aaahhh'ed at, but did not play. Instead, we returned for dinner and giant margaritas. Much better than the organic beer we had at Saturn Cafe on Friday. That shit is nasty.

Sunday we got up extra-early so we could get back to Berkeley in time for naps-- on the grass, in the hammock, in the bed, with the cats-- it all had to be tried. We supplemented this with ice cream (mine: lemon and vanilla. Paul had a fudgesicle) to make for a very nice lazy day.

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Charles said...

i want a fudgesicle.

did you get your sheetiron entry numbers?