Monday, April 02, 2007

My Dental Plan

"Just chew on the other side of your mouth" is my new plan, as Paul has pointed out.

Bruxism + big metal fillings = cracked left rear molar.

I knew this needed to be done. I discussed it with my dentist in the Fall, opened a Flexible Savings Account for 2007 in December, and planned to schedule it at this Saturday's appointment. Only, at this Saturday's appointment, we disovered that the molar cracked. Which is good in that now the insurance company might actually pay for the work (they don't cover needed prevention, only the more expensive work needed after problems occur), but bad in that, I wanted to do this as prevention, not damage control. And more bad because it turns out my dentist isn't open to do this until the end of May.

So, two months of chewing only on the right. That's my dental plan.
On the upside, that will be just after the Sheetiron, so I won't ruin my new porcelain gritting my teeth riding in the dirt?

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