Monday, April 02, 2007


Saturday night after the races, we were beat, so after Picante, we passed out early (well, I did, at least)

Sunday was beautiful so we went for walkies out to Cesar Chavez Park and Berkeley Marina?

There were a ton of birds everywhere, which was super cool.

This seagull and crane were in Aquatic Park:

Out in the marina, there were tons of other birds. This is the view North into Richmond and Marin. This is as close as I choose to get to Marin*:

there were several varieties of duckies, including these rude ducks that mooned us, repeatedly:

Being Spring, there were also a lot of butterflies out, including this Tiger Swallowtail:

I found this sign:

Paul seems to think this is how I feel about going for walkies. But LOOK:

It is all backwards!

We finally got to the end and found what we came for: the "gong" thingie that sounds every 13 seconds (or whatever). It was not picturesque, but it was on a breakwater, where we could not reach it. I presume it is there so no one goes and shuts it up.

then we headed over to the other side, and, this being Berkeley, we found lazy hippies flying kites. Except they weren't really doing anything, they just had these big kites staked in the ground, and I guess they just sit there and have a big lazy social scene around it. Which is fine and all, but it's kind of funny that they all had essentially the same kite. Who knew Berkeley was so conformist? Luckily, my shattered imaged was put back together when we saw a guy wearing some silly elf costume running around with bow and arrows in the bushes. I could not get a picture, sadly.

Lastly, I think it's important to point out the wonder of modern society: Dogi-Pot. I hope this speaks for itself:

* It is a well known fact that the reason we are connected to Marin by bridges is so that if we ever get too tired of their bullshit, we can just knock the bridge down, and BAM, it's like, no more Marin! Pretty soon you'll forget what they were even like, and no one will miss their whiney self-centered NIMBY faux-liberal bullshit. Awesome!

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