Monday, April 16, 2007

Easter Weekend

My dear sainted brother came for Easter, bringing his wife and ginormous baby for a flash visit.

Saturday morning I went to meet with Lionel and Jen, two of the most amazing and wonderful friends I have. They enjoyed some coffee and Bizmarkie at Coffee Society in Campbell, where I also ran into an old high school friend I had not seen since, well, high school.

Ben and Megan arrived around 5 or 6, and the family promptly launched into a chocolate and port (and then red wine, white wine, bourbon and goldschlager, but who's counting?) party. I brought some fancy-pants chocolates from Cocoabella to cut into a lot of tiny pieces so we could each try each flavor. Perhaps I am a bit compulsive, but it's my goddam chocolate!

Ben got really drunk and insisted there was something wrong with my keyboard. Whatever the problem is, seems to have righted itself!

Amazingly, we did not feel too bad in the morning. Paul got many photos of the local folk sunning themselves on rocks.

Family and friends started showing up, so I finally got dressed and proceeded into the beer. We ate all kinds of food, loafed and visited, and then finally had to go home.

The week was busy (work stuff) but otherwise uneventful. I ordered more memory so that my wee iBook might better run NeoOffice (need to install now, and I am skeered) and I became re-focused on my career change search. I had fallen off the wagon for a bit, probably a combination of busy and overwhelmed, and a little bit avoidance of something a bit worrisome. BUT, I am back on it now, and I think relatively close to deciding, more or less. That would be a nice first step.

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