Wednesday, April 18, 2007


So, the other terribly exciting thing that happened on Easter was that I busted my toe. I kicked the treadmill in the Blue Room on accident while changing the sheets and my little toe got all hurty. I tried milking sympathy from Paul, but I think he thought I was exaggerating. Until we got home and I showed it to him, and it was all purple and swollen. Not just a general purple, it had a one-quarter inch, vector-based stripe of eggplant running up it. Two days later, the skin started to peel.

I never could get a decent photo of it, so this one is lost.

Besides limping for the past week and a half (and I see no sign that it is nearly done hurting), I also have this cracked molar deal. I did have a little luck with the dentist, and they've rearranged their schedule so they can do the work this Friday, rather than May 22nd. Yay! I really miss chewing on the left. I'm sure I will then promptly crack my right molars. Oh, the fun part? It costs upwards of a thousand bucks per tooth. Insurance might pay half of it. Maybe, we'll see. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate insurance companies?

The upside to this is that my tooth will be fixed before the Sheetiron, where I plan to do a lot of gritting my teeth. I got my number, alright, and it's #103! Damn, and I totally sent it the first day allowed. Of course Paul is #102, they always do that to me. One time I was #11. Feh. Well, truth be told, I did not have a good time last time at all. It really is just not the same without James. And the weather was the stink. Oh, yeah, and I am the stink. Feh.

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