Monday, March 06, 2006


We've been spending a lot of weekends around the house lately. I guess it's a winter thing. I mean, I hope it is.
Last weekend was fairly productive, in terms of long-term goal setting and getting things on track. I sorted out my financial picture and gathered info. And played a LOT of Katamari Damacy.
Thursday I called in sick to take care of family stuff, which was good, and Friday I went to work despite being Actually Sick. I felt like ASS.
So it was really charming when I tried to call Paul (since the plan was to go to his house that night) to see if he was home so I could leave work early. He didn't answer until after usual quitting time, but when he did, he was cute and fuzzy drunk. I was worried I wouldn't be able to make it over the bridge because I was dizzy, but I did, let myself into the house, ignored the apparent fact that Paul was completely shitfaced and probably puking, and proceeded directly to bed. At about 6:30. Slept for a good 13 hours, and we were both up quite early Saturday morning, feeling, oh, about 85%.

I assume we were each hoping that the other would take care of our sick selves Friday night, but were both S.O.L.

Saturday Paul jumped out of bed and got the FZ1 project finished, then we proceeded to napping. At least we can now check that off the list.

Meant to go home Sunday but the light rain turned into real rain turned into pouring rain. And gusty winds. When did I become such a pussy? Well, we could have gone to SF, but it was warm in the house in Berkeley, and I did my studying there. I feel like I've fallen behind in my Mandarin. But the new book I picked up is pretty good, and hopefully I can get back on track.
Tonight: Class
Tomorrow Night: San Jose
Wednesday Night: laundry!

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