Wednesday, March 29, 2006

from aaron

one word, no explanations.

1. Yourself: Lucky
2. Your Lover: Perfect
3. Your Hair: Long
4. Your Mother: Inspiring
5. Your Father: Comforting
6. Your Favorite Item: DRZ400S
7. Your Dream Last Night: Forgotten
8. Your Favorite Drink: Alcoholic
9. Your Dream Home: Potrero
10. The Room You Are In: Messy
11. Your Pet: Dead
12. Who You Are Now: learning
13. Who You Want to be in Ten Years: mentoring
14. What You're Not: suburban
15. Your Best Friends: drifted
16. One of Your Wish List Items: house!
17. Your Gender: Female
18. The Last Thing You Did: jobhunt
19. What You Are Wearing: glasses
20. Your Favorite Weather: activity-appropriate
21. Your Favorite Book: Blank
22. The Last Thing You Ate: microwaveable
23. Your Life: enviable
24. Your Mood: struggling

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