Wednesday, March 29, 2006

how bored are you?

35 first reactions!!

1. I need: a better job

2. Sex: that too

3. Relationships: nice

4. Your Last Ex: imacculately manicured eyebrows

5. Homosexuality: fabulous

6. Marijuana: makes me sleepy and boring

7. Crack: reminds me of those people we saw sitting on a car hood smoking crack on our way to Nann 'n' Curry

8. Food: wish I had healthier instincts and cooking skills

9. The President: Bill Clinton. I liked that guy.

10. War : Bad idea

11. Cars: stupid

12. Gas Prices: car drivers are stupid

13. Jimi: Hot or Not? (I know, wrong spelling)

14. Politics: for their own sake= crap.

15. Religion: abused, misunderstood

16. Children: no more road trips

17. MySpace: slow

18. Worst Fear: bad stuff happening to my family or Paul

19. Marriage: "is what brings us together, today"

20. Fashion: crappy industry

21. Brunettes: hairballs

22. Redheads: crazy

23: Work: timesuck

24: Pass the time: interweb

25. One night stands: who cares

26: Pet Peeve: car drivers

27: Pixie Stix: oooh! That sounds great

28: Vanilla Ice: the surreal life

29: Porta Potties: A friend jumping off a pirate ship to claim a bank of porta-potties for our pirate ship... hmmm

30: High school: waste of time

31: Band: aid

32. Pajamas: only if it's cold

33. Woods: nice air

34. Surfing: not interested

35. Pictures: draw. Didn't I used to draw?

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