Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So this is a bad picture of the dent in my front rim from Thursday night's Geneva onramp adventure:

Basically, it's not huge, not enough to bother fixing I guess. There's a similar-sized dent on the rear from this too.
But the front was kind of interesting because when it bent, it made a clean spot (very visible in the picture, as I never clean bikes) and made this spray pattern on the tire. Paul tells me the spray is the talcum from the tube inside. The rear dent didn't leave such interesting marks, so no photo. You can't see the bend from the angle of the picture anyway.

I have no doubt that I hit HARD, and that a streetbike would not have taken this crap. Thankfully, I had parked the SV because its rear tire is shot. Else I'd be typing from the hospital or something.

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Charles said...

that's nothing, have handsome boy pull the wheel, put it in a hydraulic press, and press it back to flat.

i've had worse dents than that on my body