Monday, March 20, 2006

Granite countertops, nothing!

The weather smiled on us for the weekend. Gorgeous days! Too bad Saturday was mostly indoors.

We went to hang out with my parents and my sister and Jesse and Amy and the little creature they made. Who is really quite cute. I don't know a damn thing about gardening, except it is really not for me. I like the gardens where they put concrete over everything and then have a glass of wine. That's my style. And it was represented.

We flaked on a wedding (I know, classy, huh?) Saturday night, and stumbled around my neighborhood peeking into the various residences. There is a building I've been lusting after for a while; Saturday I noticed a light on upstairs and climbed up onto a little brick thing to look in. Granite walls! Beautiful building, I want it. We learned a little bit about its owner on the interweb. Ain't cyber-stalking grand?

Sunday was finally SV day.

It was also drinking beer on a parkbench day, incidentally.

I suspect that dirtbiking this weekend will be cancelled on account of raininess?

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