Monday, March 06, 2006

And how I really feel

When did making a little effort for your friends turn into "herding cats?"

I went to Santa Cruz Thursday because my sister needed me.
I go to see her also when she doesn't need me.
I routinely call people to just have dinner or coffee. I've at many times made routine of riding an hour (regardless of weather) each way to do so.

A true friend isn't the person who is there when you need them. A true friend is there when you don't need them too. If it's all boiled down to emergency lines of friendship-credit, let's re-examine our need for these accounts.

If I have an emergency, I'll call a tow truck or something. I just want a friend.

Let's resurrect the small quiet times of making effort to be friends; BBQing, sharing chocolate and grappa, double-dates, and planning goat-theft.

If that's a pain, just drop the fucking thing. If you're unwilling to invest the time, take the risk of troubling yourself, or bother with the details, then maybe the payoffs aren't for you.

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