Monday, August 01, 2005

I know for a fact I’m getting old

Sometimes I think wistfully about the old days of getting dressed up, going out, drinking, maybe dancing. And then occasionally I get off my ass and go drinking, and within twelve hours I know why I stopped. Oh, I was once quite a drinker. I have no idea how many shots I’d do at the bar while nursing a Long Island Iced Tea in the other hand. And then the flask of warm jager or vodka I sometimes carried…

I think I had three drinks on Friday, plus a beer earlier, and felt kind of shitty Saturday. Not an actual hangover, but I got a very late and bumpy start. Ugh. Screw that.

Cat Club Friday was only saved by the fact that the electricity went out and saved us from a couple of hours more of Hanson and Spice Girls and the horrid crowd that had filed into the bar. In the dark, the scary people left and it was just a few of us left to talk in a normal (not yelling) range and catch up by candlelight. Nice, but I still hated losing most of Saturday.

We finally did get our shit together on Saturday and go down to the Apple store downtown. Which was fun, because I’m actually interested in buying a new computer, for the first time in many years. I can’t really afford this, so I’m going el-cheapo. That means the 12” Ibook, almost certainly. I asked a few questions of the various Apple employees and didn’t really like their answers, but whatever. I’m sure they were stupid questions, but that’s what they’re paid for. It’s not my job to know this shit; that’s why they get paid, and I don’t look at them like idiots for not knowing what seam is sewed first in a pair of pants.
I asked about the monitor hook-up capabilities, and the girl told me that of course I could hook it up to a monitor on my desk. Well, actually, she said, only a regular monitor. Not a digital monitor, so not, like, an Apple monitor, she said. Um. I have no idea. But I think it’s kindof dumb that Apple wouldn’t sell a monitor that could be used with this machine. So is Apple stupid, or did the girl not know what she was talking about?

Upstairs, I saw that some of the software being sold listed a PowerMac as a system requirement. I understand that the Ibook isn’t made for, like, video editing, but I am surprised to be led to believe that it can’t run a Rand McNally map software package. Also saw this listed on a few games and things, and my guess (Paul’s guess) was that it would really have more to do with the processor power/size whatever, and that the listings were just lazy or vague. So I asked. “Is there software over there that can’t be run on the Ibook? I see that some of the boxes list PowerMac under system requirements, and I’m just wondering if that’s correct, or if the new Ibooks could handle that stuff.” Besides, like video editing. I was told “It’s listed on all the boxes what each one requires.” No shit. But is it true? I mean, if that’s the case, you’re telling me the Ibook can’t open fucking MAPS? So is Apple stupid, or did the guy not know what he was talking about?

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Apple. I’m brand loyal if for no other reason than habit. I don’t know why I don’t want a PC, I just don’t. I want a Mac. It’s what I’ve always had. I’m just saying, they weren’t being very Rebecca-friendly at the store. I’m an idiot. Please steer me in the right direction. That’s the selling point of the Mac, and the Apple Store, isn’t it? User-friendly, Geek Bar, and all that?

Regardless of all that, I did leave pretty happy and excited about getting an Ibook (eventually. I’m trying to delay my purchase a few months.)

For now, I need to stay away from nights at the Cat Club, since they cost too much in time and money.

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