Thursday, August 04, 2005

13 minutes!

So Paul and I went to a place called Medjool on Monday. It was for Paul’s birthday, and he didn’t want a party. Well, actually, we had a HUGE party, and we just didn’t invite YOU.

Medjool has a wonderful rooftop bar, with a really nice view of SF. I recommend the rooftop bar.

The restaurant is a nice space, but I thought the food was a little lacking. My first complaint was that they told us it was a “tapas” restaurant. OK, “tapas” is Spanish. This was a Mediterranean restaurant. I understand “tapas” are more trendy, but it seems insulting that they wouldn’t just call it what it is--“mezas.” I don’t call burritos “sandwiches” or pad thai “pasta.” Asparagus was great, and the vegetable and goat cheese pastry was good. Hummus was so-so, and that’s my test for any Mediterranean restaurant. Nice dining experience, food is so-so. Love the chandelier. Overall: a nice place, good for rooftop drinks, perhaps a nibble and dessert in the restaurant.

We watched Outfoxed on Saturday. This movie is interesting to me because I don’t have cable, so I’ve never watched Bill O’Reilly or any of these other folks. That part of it was definitely eye-opening; just watching a montage of a supposed news-figure telling loads of “guests” to “shut-up” sort of speaks for itself. A few interesting statistics about what FOX-watchers believe (for instance, that something like 80% of them think we’ve found WMD in Iraq!), but then, I know how easy it is to lie with statistics. I would have found the whole thing a lot more believable had it been made with higher production values, some back-up material (I am not interested in what “anonymous” has to say unless you can give me a reasonable fact-check or some proof of his reliability), and oh, perhaps a little balance? It’s a little ridiculous to make a movie, slamming the propaganda of FOX, which feels so very propaganda-like itself. Which sucks, because I pretty much think they are right. I just wish a more professional movie had been made. It kind of makes us look stupid.

Instead, see this:
Control Room
I found this movie really interesting. In particular, watch the out-takes part too. Great movie.

I’m trying to streamline my life and get rid of the shit that’s just left-over from a different me. I’ve finally concluded that I no longer sew. As such, I’m going to get rid of almost all of my fabric. I have a shit-load. Seriously. Together with the rest of the crap I need to unload, it’s totally garage-sale worthy. But I don’t have a garage. I’m too stupid to ebay (I wouldn’t know where to begin with shipping). I need to figure something out here. But, yeah, books, clothes, art supplies, bike parts, fabrics, and some other random shit, need to find new owners. I need the cash, so if I can figure out how to sell it, it’s gone.

I think I’ve finally found my handlebars. We’ll see this weekend. Again. (sigh)

Yesterday I made it to work in 13 minutes. Now tell me how cool your Explorer/Navigator/Yukon/Murano is, bitches!

And now, a photograph that has nothing to do with any of this, just because I am testing the blog photo feature:

This image is an old favorite. This is what happens when you run over a tiny crack in the pavement on an SV650, wearing Alpinestars winter gloves, at low speed. That is my hand just over a year ago.

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