Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Barkbusters, finally

(For some reason, my camera has decided to turn all my pictures blue. Bear with me here.)

A week or so ago, the Renthal bars and barkbusters finally went on the SV. It's been over a year since I decided to finally do that, but, blah blah blah, lots of wasted money and unusable bars in between. Now, here they are. And I like it, sort-of. Still need to fine tune. I think I need risers, since the new riding position has my arms pulled so far forward that they feel straight all the time. Risers may mean longer cables and stuff, meaning complications... Also, that windscreen looks stupid with the new setup. I am toying with going back to the old flyscreen, but it was really noisy on long trips. But, then, how often do I ride to Seattle?

Dunno, but at least it's progress.
Oh, and how did I finally find bars that fit?
Streetfighters USA
Since they work on streetbikes, they are actually selling the Renthal Road bars. These will fit all your silly controls and doo-dads, the ones that dirtbikes don't have. I got the low ones, which I may not be thrilled with, since there's no cross bar, but they are a little longer in the flat part, which was a nice guarantee I wouldn't end up with another set of useless bars.

Despite being stretched out in a new riding position, it wasn't really uncomfortable on Sunday, when we rode to Tahoe and back. Unfortunately, it was HOT in the Central Valley. Ugh. Yuck, and ewww. We ate ice cream cones the size of our faces, and watched squirrels. I tried to nap on a boulder overlooking Emerald Bay, but was not allowed. Crappy rock cover bands are evil. Oh, and here's a good one: DO NOT, under any circumstances, wear swim trunks that are white. That's fucking horrible! They get wet, and, uh, see-through, oh god...

Saturday was cool because I got rid of some crap that had been piling up in my apartment for years. Photo chemicals I'd been storing in my closet since my first semester at college? Turned out to be quite easy to unload with a quick trip to the drop-off point in South SF. No problem! Then we filled up all three of Paul's Givi cases with books and went down to the library to drop them off. All gone! Yay! Tried to get rid of the used oil in Paul's garage, but got the run-around at the Berkeley drop off center (asses!) and then picked up camping gear out of a friend's garage that we'd been meaning to collect a few months back. So productive!

This weekend, Vegas, for work, and then I'm coming back and getting rid of more stuff.

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Look at our huge smiles! We look SO HAPPY!!

~If we had a side car, you'd have gotten awfully car sick.