Saturday, April 17, 2004

It's been a blur

This week's been busy, and not real heavy on sleep.

Highlights included:
Monday Night Ride, we actually RODE, and I got to take my new baby in to the twisties for the first time. And it was pitch dark, which I really enjoy. Good stuff, though I will miss MNR this week.

Tuesday. What the hell happened to Tuesday? I do not know. If you know, and have pictures, please advise.

I'm pretty sure Wednesday's highlight was the dumbass cop trying to chat Sara and me up at the bar. Sadly, I think he thought he was getting somewhere. But, the best part is that he said he used to be a bike cop, which made Sara and I both perk up, and lean in closer, suddenly interested... "really? That’s so cool" he looks a little proud, "what kind of bike?... Wait, you mean a BICYCLE?... Oh, nevermind..." and just completely lost any interest, now the both of us are snickering to each other and looking all over the bar for something better to do, than waste time with a fucking bicycle cop. "I thought he meant a REAL bike" We were both a little drunk, and if you think I'm an asshole sober, well, you should see me drunk. He seemed a little deflated, but maybe just a little.

Thursday rocked. I went for a bit of a ride in the East Bay with my SV. I fucking stunk up the ride with my slowness... Hey, now I can ride with boys without bruising their delicate egos! I'm pretty sure the DRZ smashed more than one. But now, with the SV, I am so goddam slow. Some idiot tries to explain to me at the bar that he's good at everything except for corners. "I'm really good at the straights though. Yeah, really good! But corners, I don't know, man" Holy crap. I couldn't believe he said that. What I couldn't believe, even more, was that it was the third time of him telling me that before I told him how stupid that was. I was trying so hard to be nice. But, seriously. You're a dumbass. I mean, I could have said the same and it would have been true. I can't corner the new bike for shit. But that's because I suck, and I wouldn't go around saying I was good at going fast in a straight line. Sir, I'm embarrassed for you, since you apparently have no clue.

Went down to see some friends and show off the new baby. I LOVE my new bike.

Friday I saw Kill Bill 2. Woot, it was fun, good times. And, we had crepes first. I LOVE crepes.

Today, I went on a ride with some guys I'd never ridden with before over Mt. Hamilton. I saw Charles on the freeway in his truck; he called later to tell me I was riding too fast for conditions. (It was raining in San Jose) But I was late! I had to go swap bikes to get the DRZ! I quickly and quietly swapped bikes so I could sneak out without rousing my parents, who I did not have time for. My dad has attached a heat shield to my DRZ for the saddlebags! It doesn't look like ass! Rockin! I really do have the best parents ever. Anyway, grab the DRZ. What happened to the throttle? Oh. Right, it's not the SV anymore. Um, and where are my brakes... Ok... I can get used to this, right? Take the first corner... HELL yeah, I can get used to this! Met up with the guys, two ducs and a gixxer, and we headed up Mt. Hamilton at a very civil pace. More civil than I'm used to, really. But that's good since it's wet and I don't know these guys. All good riders, we actually stuck together, which I'm not really used to. It seems like most rides separate with space in between, but we all stuck together. Hmmm, interesting... I tried to follow the lines of the guys in front of me for a bit. Right, this is how we learn; it's all coming back to me.

I did not blow the turn, you know, THAT turn. I was waiting for it, I knew it was waiting for me. I did not blow it. Woot!
That new cop was at the top, pulled us aside and gave us the same line and lecture we all got last time we were up there, except that this time I know for a fact, we had not been going fast, had not crossed any double yellows, and had not passed any bicyclists in any remotely bad way. He's full of shit. Also, he said there hadn't been any fatalities this year, and admitted that we had not crossed the double yellow. But we were still going way too fast for that road, he said. Huh, clock me, prove it, and show me the speed limit, fucker. He's full of shit, is what this boils down to, and hates motorcyclists.

Life is good, I have my leetle dirtbike back, I'm going to see what must be a horrible studio apartment on Monday after work. There's stuff going on this week and I can't remember what it is... but I do have next weekend free. Anyone want to ride to LA? This time I won't be on the dirtbike, so it's a good idea this time!

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