Sunday, April 25, 2004


Today I got to ride the mille, finally.
We left very late, like around 4:00 out of SF. Got to the hills, took a short ride, including a bit of switch-off with me on the mille. It's a big thing, I barely get my feet down comfortably. But once it's in motion feels very good. Definitely fun, definitely more power than I would want or need for the street. The tank's too goddam big, or I'm just too small, I don't know which. But all in all, a fairly comfortable ride for a sportbike, and seems like a pretty forgiving engine. Steering dampener was a bit foreign to me. Turn, dammit! OK, stop turning! Then, GO! ok, ENOUGH "go!"

Nice bike, but I'd still rather have a DRZ.

I'm tired of being short.

Several beers.
sleep now.

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