Saturday, April 03, 2004

20K! 20K!

Today I rolled 20K on my DRZ! woot.
This bike rocks. I can't imagine anything better. It's great in the city, fast in the hills (please don't insult my motorcycle, or I will embarrass the hell out of you, literbike-boys.), perfect for the dirt stuff (at least what I'm doing)... and so goddam cute. Yes, I love my motorcycle more than I love you.
Oh I love this motorcycle. I can't say that enough.

Today went riding with some friends. I had to do some speeding to get there in time, but managed to pull up just as the others arrived. We headed out quickly to one of my favorite roads. The Man on the Monster behaved badly and was roundly chastized. He deserved it, but he blamed the bike, "it makes me do evil things!" We got passed by some Fast Guys on Empire. Damn.
Changed oil, made a big mess because a rocket scientist decided to put caulking in the garage floor. One, two, three, we each took turns accidentally stepping in it and tracking it around the garage. Lemmings. This was good for many laughs.

Tomorrow I'm going riding. I didn't plan to go riding today, so it, uhhh, didn't count? Joiners, call me. Blah blah blah. Won't leave too early since I'm working tonight and we lose an hour to daylight savings anyway.

Is there someone out there who can crack my back? I don't know what the chiro did, but it don't feel right.

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