Monday, April 17, 2006


Friday: realized I know someone who doesn't believe in evolution.
Saturday: had pizza delivered to SFMC again, at James' party to raise money for his Isle of Man racing efforts.
Sunday EARLY: Mt. Tam. We were there, where the hell were you?
Sunday 2: Considered the irony of nearly getting killed by some dipshit with an "Abortion: One Dead, One Wounded" bumper sticker. Actually, had we not seen him swerving across two lanes of traffic then grabbing his brakes, it would have been two dead. But I don't count on these dumbasses to have solid math skills.

Sunday gets two parts because we woke up at 3am to do the Easter Morning Ride. Wherein motorcyclists of all ilk gather to ride to the top of Mt. Tam to watch the sunrise every Easter. This year was rain and THICK fog, and so the usual 2-300 bikes was cut down to about 50 or so. Pussies!
Then we went to Berkeley and napped, woke up for Sunday 2, and rode to San JOse to have dinner with my family. It was great.

Rich folks who lecture about being christian and doing the sunday bible study routine and then tell me about how great their rich buddy's tax-shelter abuse scam is, fuck off. What WOULD Jesus do? Um, not that, I'm thinking.

Wet crotch is the new black. At least, that's what the folks at Aerostich seem to think. Feh.

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