Friday, April 07, 2006

the coolest person I know

I went and saw Mames last night. He showed me his ID card for the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course, which, officially, makes James the COOLEST person I know.

Isle of Man racing is expensive, give him some support!

Coincidentally, Paul and I will be at Isle of Man. I get to go see James race at arguably the most beloved motorcycle race in the world! On a tiny island with people who talk funny. woot!

I am thinking of moving this "blog" thingy. I like some of the functions of LiveJournal; namely, being able to keep some posts public, other posts just for friends to see. There are a lot of things I just can't journal about publicly. (like, uh, my job, specifically) So, any thoughts about Livejournal vs. Blogger? I'm not so much "blogging" as I am "journaling" anyway, right?
But I hate to keep moving around, and most folks aren't livejournal users, so they wouldn't have access to my friends-only postings without ANOTHER goddam thing to sign up on this stupid interweb thingy. ugh. stupid internet!

Also, I suspect the hillclimb will be cancelled this weekend, rain and all. feh.
And, no, I'm not going to the fight party. I will be getting money to listen to 80's music.

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