Thursday, April 20, 2006


I was thinking of signing up for netflix. I'm trying to learn Mandarin and like watching movies in Mandarin so I can get excited when I pick out every fifteenth word. Paul de-activated my queue on his account because I guess he got tired of the crappy Chinese movies I was having sent over.

So. Today I saw some ad for netflix as low as $5.99, wanted to see what was up. Typed in and it said "plans starting at 5.99" on the front page. Then I signed in to see what was in my queue. Since it wouldn't let me see pricing while I was signed in, I signed out again and returned to the front page. Now it said "plans starting at $9.99." WTF?

Cleared out my cookies. Barred netflix from setting cookies. Now it wouldn't even let me see the front page or any other info, just some bullshit about how I needed to allow netflix to set cookies so I could rent movies and have a queue. OH, did they fail to mention they also wanted to set cookies so they could have different price options for different people?

After clearing cookies and allowing them again, I now got "plans starting at $4.99" So now I've seen three different numbers.

Looked another time, and got "plans starting at $7.99." Different plan AGAIN.

Oddly, they actually show different plans to different people:

This is after I signed out, and have a cookie on my computer that tells them I've already been sucked in, and have a queue. So they'll try to get $9.99:

This is with no netflix cookies on my computer, so they'll try to lure me in with low pricing $4.99 ought to do it?:

This is somewhere in between, at $7.99. I didn't capture the $5.99, but whatever:

They're each different plans offered to people based on what cookies are set on your computer. Hey, fuck you very much netflix. Why not just show all the plans together, instead of lying about what they lowest priced-plan is? Honesty goes a long way.

I am looking at the Greencine thing. Anyone tried them? They have some movies netflix didn't have too.

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Anonymous said...

Greencine is fast, don't let their one distribution point worry you. I ordered a dvd Friday and got it Monday, they work on Saturdays. You can get Adult films and more documentaries with Greencine