Thursday, April 06, 2006


My family converged on Jenner for a family weekend Friday night. What this boiled down to was a lot of chocolate and a lot of drinking.

This year, we decided there wasn't anything my parents wanted or needed for Christmas. Except, the one thing they really want-- family time. With my brother and his wife in Seattle, they wish mostly for family time, so that's what we got them. Ben and Megan flew in Friday, picked us up in their rental car, and drove us out (the long way, since roads were flooded and we didn't trust the crappy American boat car to take it) to meet my parents and sister who were already at the rental house in Jenner. And then we had port, chocolate, wine, more chocolate, and I think a little beer too. It was grand. We even got to go to the beach Saturday when the sun was more or less out. When was the last time you got to walk down the beach with your folks, picking up shiny rocks and climbing on old rusted tractors?

It rained most of the rest of the weekend, so we cooked and played games and ate and talked a lot of shit.

Sunday I napped (drinking in the morning will do that to you) and then Paul and I hiked around Berkeley in the rain. In the evening, a noisy possum visited the porch a few times. He kept knocking of the recycling bottles outside, so we finally had to take the port bottle in, which solved the problem. Possums love port!

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