Friday, December 02, 2005

What if you ran away and nobody missed you?

It’s sort of a joke, you know, a kid runs away from home, makes it about 2 hours before running back out from wherever he was hiding, the parents didn’t even notice he was gone. What a slap in the face.

Last week, one of my exes apologized for avoiding me. He was sorry he had been avoiding me for the past year, he said, and explained it was because of the “catfighting and snubbing” between (his girlfriend) and myself, so he had to avoid me out of respect for her feelings.
1.) I didn’t notice he was avoiding me.
2.) I didn’t know I was catfighting and snubbing his girlfriend.

I guess I just figured there wasn’t a lot to say, and it didn’t seem weird to me at all that we hadn’t exchanged emails in several months. He was never a particularly engaging person anyway. A very nice person, very cordial, pleasant, funny, etc. But, I mean, I didn’t miss him when we split, and our occasional emails in between have not seemed strained or insufficient in quantity. OK, maybe I’m clueless.

As for the catfighting! This is rich. I’ve known this girl for years, and she’s good friends with many of my good friends. I’ve always been pleasant to her, but don’t think we have a lot in common. What I’ve said about her in the past is that I think she means well, but gets way over-involved in other people’s business. Which, I’ve said on several occasions, I thought was really just because she was a caring person and probably just wanted to be helpful. In my opinion, it just creates drama, but I saw that it was coming from pure intentions. My answer? Nice girl, keep her at arm’s length. Like, “hey, how ya doing? Love your new haircut, it looks great.” Hell, I got her hooked up with a guy she dug (not my ex), from my understanding they went out for a while? Maybe that’s why she doesn’t like me, cuz in my opinion, he wasn’t much of a winner. Other times, I just politely described her as “very social.” I’m a pretty private person, so that’s just a personality difference. Not necessarily a bad thing, but maybe not so compatible.

Bottom line: I don’t like meddling, I don’t like drama, I like my private life. Youse a nice girl, but we have different values, social and drama-wise.

Anyway, as I said, I’ve known her for years on pleasant terms, and my interactions with her haven’t changed at all since. So I don’t really know where the catfighting came from, except that we’re all human, and I know girls don’t really like their boyfriend’s exes. So sue me. I don’t want him back. I know, that doesn’t really help. I’m a girl, remember. Anyway, since this is all a surprise to me, the “catfighting and snubbing” thing just confirms what I’d already suspected: this girl is over-sensitive and likes to start things where there aren’t any. Get a hobby!

So for some reason, I keep thinking about this. I don’t know why. I really stay out of social scenes and drama, so maybe that’s why it’s bothering me? Part of me thinks I ought to talk with her about it next time I see her, but part of me is like “see? I was right! You ARE a drama queen. Good riddance!”

Maybe it’s bugging me because yesterday someone mentioned to me that they broke up, and I didn’t see what it had to do with the conversation. I thought it was just a random thought, but this morning I thought maybe it was because I have some rep for the "catfighting" I’ve supposedly been doing this past year. Ugh. Girls like this trouble me even when I make a plan to keep them politely at arm’s length. You cannot win sometimes.

And people wonder why I never go out anymore?

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you went out. i seen you