Thursday, December 22, 2005


Wow, I sure did witness a lot of Fancy Driving on the way home from work today. I mean, I know it's raining and all, but, uhhh? Shouldn't *I* be the one with the problem, two wheels and all? Jeebus, drivers are lame.

I would like to personally meet one of these people who pulls into intersections that they know they can't get through, so that when the light changes, no one can move. Some people just need hitting. Well, I can just pick through them, but then you encounter the guy on the other side coming full speed down the wrong side of the road because he assumes that traffic is blocked on that side. (Hello head on collision with a motorcycle) I don't even comprehend where this guy thought he was going. It's fucking raining people, that means you ought to drive BETTER, not WORSE.

Air bags and side impact studies are a terrible thing for darwinism.

My brake light doesn't work today. Who cares, since no one can see me anyway?

I just gave myself an early Christmas present, by setting up my long-ignored IRA to maximize itself automatically from my checking account weekly. Woot.

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