Monday, December 12, 2005

Not moving after all

which, I guess, is good. Historically, I've never liked change, so I don't know why I was so gung ho about moving. I have a pretty great apartment. I shouldn't be so quick to give it up.

That's right, look on the bright side.

Sunday we went to James and Tara's house in the Santa Cruz mountains for Tara's birthday. They have a very cute house (and BARN) and are super sweet people. Saturday we got a little Christmas shopping done, and I worked at New Wave City at the DNA Lounge at night. Friday, we ran into Daniel at Lanesplitter and went to see some EBR people and actually a bunch of my friends too. Seeing Daniel's house after two years of work really makes me wonder what people are getting into when they buy real estate around here.

Earlier this week, I picked the DRZ up from Paul's house, where it had been sitting for several months. I missed my good bike! We need to go dirt riding, but who has time? Plus I think there's something wrong with the XR again? Something about a seized bolt or something. Anyway, who has time? We have a Chinese final, and our Chinese is bu hao. Tai4 bu4 hao3.

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