Wednesday, December 21, 2005

clowns and chap-wearers

We went to see Corteo last night, which I believe brings the number of Cirque du Soleil shows I've seen up to 5.
It was not my favorite. I'd suggest to anyone thinking of finally going to see Cirque du Soleil for the first time, to wait for the next one.

This weekend, we spent Saturday baking cookies at my parents' house. It was fairly successful.

Sunday around 1 or 2pm, Paul and I finally dragged ourselves outside to go "downtown" (this is san JOse we're talking about) for the International Motorcycle Show, which was mostly lame. I knew it was lame as soon as we got to the free motorcycle parking lot and saw a grand total of about 18 bikes. Oh, wa-ahhh, it's RAINING. Even the worst rainstorms didn't keep the motorcycles from coming en masse to the shows a few years ago in San Mateo. Next year, let's just call it the cager-who-wishes-he-rode show.

Inside was pretty limited. Most of the small manufacturers that used to come show their gear are no longer represented. What used to be a good opportunity to check out gear and groups you'd never otherwise find, has now just devolved into a place for all the bike manufacturers to show their new line-ups. But, I can see those for free in the dealerships? It WAS cool to see the new Beemer and the entire husky supermoto lineup (drool) and of course, again, the Aprilia twin-moto. But, yeah. The few vendors were mostly catering to the harley-hosen crowd, with cheap leather and a vast array of polishing products and billet bullshit. I don't know why people love their fringe and chaps so goddam much. Nevermind, since none of those idiots RODE their MOTORCYCLES to the MOTORCYCLE SHOW. Next year's show can just be called the Cagers in Fringe and Chaps Polishing Their Chrome Show. Have fun, guys. Live the dream. Drive your fucking cars, and talk about bike parts you can't afford, nor will you ever use.

I'll be on another all-night ride around California or some crazy shit.

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