Tuesday, February 17, 2004

A weekend with my sweetheart

What a fucking awesome weekend! I had a three-day, and had tried to convince people that it would be a good idea to ride to LA with me and my dirtbike. Nobody bit. Boo.

Plan B involves lots of time on my motorcycle. I miss riding, and have not done enough of it lately.
Friday night the bike crapped out just before I got home. I think it’s a cry for help. She wants attention. Ever have a girlfriend that got pissy just before Valentines Day? “me me me,” is all I heard. Girls want you to buy them diamonds? Bikes want you to buy them wheels. Just as expensive. Just for good measure and to show her who’s who, I dropped her in front of Pancho Villa. First time I’ve dropped the DRZ on the street. Who cares, it’s a dirtbike! But somewhat embarrassing. I dropped it in front of someone who I’d never really been riding with, and now I’m convinced he thinks I’m a big goober. That’s OK, it’s probably true. Bike comes back up again, and I’m all smiles within minutes.

And Saturday, well the weather was perfect. Despite my best intentions of getting things done, I rode to the Santa Cruz hills to run away from my shadow for a while. Chose turns randomly, not knowing where I was going. It’s getting harder for me to get lost up there anymore. I know I took 35 in to Alice’s, then back out to Tunitas, all the way to 1. Then left on Stage, left on Pescadero, right on 84, right on 35, 9 to Santa Cruz. Well, I think that’s what I did. I need to buy a map one of these days. All fucking nice roads. Tunitas is stunning. This is one of my favorites, but I’ve been reminded that I HATED it when I rode the EX (no suspension).

And what to do for Valentine’s Day? Well, first off, I’m neither for or against this holiday. I’ve only had an SO once that I can think of, that was around for VD, and we were on the rocks anyhow. It’s not a big deal to me, but I’m not bitter about it either. There are a few things going on that I’d like to do. There are a couple of people in my life I might be interested in doing these things with. But, wait, one of my dearest friends has just broken up with his long time girl, and is sounding real bitter. So I escort him to an HA party. I think this is hilarious, and there’s an open bar. But I can’t drink too much, or I will start using my outside voice when I see mullets. Normally this is not a problem, and I don’t give a damn. But, I’m not stupid. I’m not bothered by HA in general, but I would not want to be pissing them off either. We leave before I get stupid and ride around for a while, stopping at Cat Club to see friends. Good times. I love riding bitch when I’m drunk.

Sunday morning, up early for another ride. I start off with a chip on my shoulder because it’s been implied that I have to ride with the girls. Generally speaking: I don’t ride with girls. Now, the FASTEST rider I know is a woman, but, generally, no. To be fair, even when I ride with her, I don’t ride with her, we just leave from the same point and meet at the destination. I think she runs a few backroads, stops to get her nails done, and still gets there fifteen minutes before me. Anyway, the day was perfect. A rain forecast and possibly the fact that a lot of guys are still off doing their valentine’s day duties, and the road was very clear. Very few bikes or cars. But the road was dry until the afternoon. Route: 35, stopped to pose at Alice’s for a while, continued 35 to Page Mill, down and then back up Page Mill, left at 35, right at 9, into Boulder Creek for breakfast, which was so-so. Back out 9 to Bear Creek, crossed 17 to Old Santa Cruz (my favorite) to Summit, then up 17 to Santa Cruz to pose at Perg’s for a while. Back over 9 to 35 to get home. By the time we hit 35, it was wet and foggy. Got home, I was tired. Pasta, Guinness, and a really really bad zombie flick, and I’m passing out.

Monday, ran some errands, puttered around with friends, got one step closer to the master plan. And ate crepes. Mmmmm, crepes.

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