Friday, February 27, 2004

Things on the brain today

1.) Good news: I went to the chiro on Wednesday. She has two good things to say:
a.) She will probably only have to see me a few times. This is good because I was afraid this would drag out. If I can settle quickly, I can get back in the dirt where I belong. (or, more specifically, where I don’t belong, but would like to, through lots of practice, before the Sheetiron.)
b.) I can go back to the gym. I haven’t been since the accident, and it was making me feel angry and also icky. She gave me limitations, but I can GO, which is a start. Yay.
c.) Also, and not related, I have a very noisy set of joints. “Do you know where that pop came from?” she asks, several times. I have no clue. All over the place?

2.) Flakey people, very irritating. I'll leave it at that.

3.) My motorcycle is the best thing ever. And when I replace the other bike, what will I think of the new one? The EX was my first love, but it sat a lot while I played with my new bike. Now, that’s fine, but how can I buy something that I love less than what I already have? It seems backwards, downgrading like that. Shouldn't you be totally in love with the newest one? Is this what it's like to have an arranged marriage when you already have a lover that you actually like?

4.) A big, hairy travel bug has crawled into my ass. I feel funny. This happens from time to time. Today’s list includes Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Seattle. On that list, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Philly are the three I have never visited before, so I should probably start there. Anyone? Ideas? More importantly, anyone know if I can rent a bike in one of those towns? (Not a harley) LA and Vegas are separate issues, as those are ride-trips. I will probably run to LA when I get a replacement street-y bike, and Nevada, well, I could take it or leave it.

5.) Saturday is supposed to be sunny, as of today’s most recent forecast. I will spend the weekend either hungover, or riding. Hopefully not both, because that’s a really terrible feeling. Saturday and Sunday, who wants to ride? Don’t all jump at once. I am STILL waiting for the East Bay roads tour that was promised me like 6 months ago. Holding my breath never hurt so much.

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