Friday, February 27, 2004

ride, please

Phew! Yesterday's fiasco is SOLVED! And no one got their legs broken. That's a good thing. Once again saved by my hero, whom I could not live without (and see what happens when I try? See?)

Went riding last Sunday on wet roads, and it was really good. Roads were essentially empty. I'm antsy to get out there again. Anyone want to ride this weekend? Saturday and/or Sunday? Anyone?

Last Sunday's route, chosen for big bikes, was: 92 to 35 to Alice's to pose and do chain stuff. 84 to Pescadero to Stage to 84 to 35 to Four Corners. stopped to fix bodywork. (just because your friends jump off a bridge does not mean you should follow.) 35 back to 92 and home, it was a shortish ride, wet and getting cold.

I know no one wants to read my routes, but I want to record them somewhere, and this seems like a good enough place.

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