Saturday, July 03, 2004

Wednesday: Brisbane to Weed

<>Left work around 6:00, hauled up I-5.
Figured out a few things.
First, Stonyford isn't that far. We always get there so late because we stop for a real sit-down meal. Maybe next time we should skip that.
Travelling alone is fast. I have a real speeding problem. And I hate to stop. That's definitive of my personality in general anyway. But I-5 is so boring through most of California. Just as the road started to become pretty, the sun had gone down. I could see that the mountains and lake were probably very nice, when I got near Shasta, but I was on a mission. The moon was fullish, and looked fucking nice on the lake. But I was on my way. Pulled into Weed I think around 10:30. Parked behind another blue SV (newer, square frame-- sucker.) and slept very well. I could see my bike from my window, and the room was nice. Comfort Inn in Weed is an OK place.

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