Monday, July 05, 2004

Saturday: Seattle

<>So, uhhhh,
Saturday I just hung out with my brother and his girlfriend. He just bought a house, they have a nice quiet habit of a life.
At my demand, we looked up tiki bars and I pushed them to take me out of the house. We went over to some street for walking/shopping/whatever.
One of the bars that came up on our websearch was there, not a tiki bar, properly, but looked cool. It wasn't open, but I couldn't bear not to drink there, so we went to the pub nearby to drink until the bar opened.
So, coming back once the place was open, and this bar absolutely rocked! It's absolutely my favorite bar, and I don't get to bgo back! At least not for a while. The bartender was lots of fun, and let me order drinks by color, all of which came out very tasty. He let us borrow the rubber ducky to keep us company and had a drink with us. He even wrote up my bar tab as the colors of the drinks... PERFECT. The PERFECT bar. Despite no umbrellas.
We stayed there for several drinks and then went to another neighborhood to an actual tiki bar, which totally sucked because they didn't bring me an umbrella in my drink. The other customers had umbrelllas, so I became terribly bitter. Ben requested umbrellas, which they brought, but I still think that bar sucked.
Also, who the hell brings their baby to a tiki bar?

This journal entry is not very interesting. I'm fucking tired.

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