Monday, June 28, 2004

My ass hurts just thinking about it

<>Tentative plan. No reservations made yet. (I really ought to get my shit together)

Wednesday: leave work by 6. (I’ll tell everyone I’m leaving at 5:30, and hope to be out by 6)
Ride 4.5 hours to Weed, CA. Check in, say, around 11:30?

Thursday: Up and out of Weed by 8am
Weed, CA to Roseburg, OR: 3hours. Arrive, say, 11:30
Roseburg to Reedsport: 2hours. Arrive, say, 2.
Lunch? Stop to cry and wish I actually had time to enjoy the scenery?
Reedsport to Newport: 2 hours. Arrive around 5.
Newport to Portland: 3 hours, supposedly, but that’s through Salem, on 5, through rush hour. I’ll guess 4 hours, which gets me in around 9.
So much for enjoying and hanging out in Portland! That makes Thursday’s trip a little over 12 hours, with time included for whatever small things come up (no long stops allowed!)

That’s what I get for wanting to make the sidetrip out to the coast. But it’s supposed to be so darn purty, I just can’t resist.

Oh, man, and I can’t lanesplit. On the other hand, if they’re in cruisers, how easily can they catch a lanesplitting motorcyclist? Hmmm…

Friday: out of Portland whenever, up to Seattle (not too far), prolly take the scenic route unless I’ve lost all my riding joy (very possible)

Hang out in Seattle for a few days. I have people in Seattle. I just want to find more tiki bars.

Monday morning very very early, get on the bike and go into sleep-riding mode. It’s a lot of hours down 5 to get to home. 13 hours optimistically, plus stops, holiday traffic, blah blah blah. Ugh.

I know:
No speeding in Oregon.
No lanesplitting.
Apparently, there’s no restriction on earphones in OR or WA. I’m getting more memory to load my RIO tonight.
I think the Oregon gas pump law actually was altered to exclude motorcyclists in the past year or so.

any words of wisdom? Sugestions? Do YOU know where the pirate restaraunt is? Or some tiki bars?


Does this entry come with a free pair of glasses?

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