Monday, July 05, 2004

Sunday: Seattle

<>Ben and I went to Capitol Hill, where I bought furry boots and we visited a "museum of oddities" which I'm still not sure what to think of. Some sort of paranormal nuts... umm.
Ate chocolate cake, then drove around for a scenic tour and CUPCAKES. I LOVE CUPCAKES.
Talked to my brother about the ring he has in his possession and his plans of what and when... mostly at my mother's behest. For the first time, he has a girlfriend I really like.
Went to a 4th of july fireworks watching party at his friend's house, which was tolerable, but, well, boring? The view was stunning. I really love Seattle. I'm pretty sure I'd move there if it weren't for one very important thing: no lanesplitting! I think I'm always going to live in California, if for no other reason than, why the hell should I sit and wait with all those losers in their cars?

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