Monday, June 21, 2004

San Francisco Motorcycle Club 100th

<>What a weekend. SFMC turned 100 years old and celebrated all weekend. I was there four days in a row, and now I need to recover.
Thursday night’s meeting was pretty cool. Two things: 1.) a bunch of people came from out of town, as far as New York to celebrate. 2.) they had table service during the meeting. One of my biggest problems has always been not having a beer to get me through the hour long discussions of stupid shit.
Friday they hosted the scooter club’s beer tasting party. Which I almost skipped. Fortunately, I got bored and decided to go. Beer “tasting” is just another word for getting totally fucked up. I went for the darkest they had, and I went for a lot of it. It was tasty. I had told Lionel my theory about not being able to get really drunk and hungover from beer. That you would get full before you got drunk. Apparently, he took this as a challenge. I have no clue how much I drank because after the first couple of beers, my cup never got empty.
Hilarity ensued.
I think we left at like 3 or 4 in the morning, but I don’t actually know.
Saturday I had every intention of going to the morning boxing class at my gym, then heading to the street party by 12ish. Unfortunately, I had a good bit of a hangover working, and couldn’t manage to get out of bed for that. It was a struggle, but I got to the fair around 1:30. And was hungover late into the day. It looked like we were all hungover pretty well into the day, so that was nice. A bit of community suffering is a good thing. The street fair was fun, mostly just to see people. Left to work the eighties club, and came back the next morning for the ride. NOT hungover. yay!
Ride was cool (even though I never got my fender fluff), our group got lost a bunch, but that was OK, since we weren’t in a rush, and caught some extra views. I’d never been to the Marin Headlands before, so that was a treat. Back into the city to the clubhouse and I finally got the pizza I’d been dreaming about since Thursday. Niles and I started a new motorcycle club on the spot, which is so cool I can’t even mention it here. We all made a racket with the rubber duckies left from one of the games, and scattered in the late afternoon, very very tired.

Some of the guys in the club were working their asses off all weekend, and in the weeks leading up to the event. It was a great party, the collection of bikers down from New York, Washington, and a bunch of other places was awesome. If you ride, and especially if you’re local, you should be kicking yourself for missing this… The SFMC has a wonderful collection of biker history in their clubhouse. They have open meetings on Thursday nights, and you should really stop by and check it out, if for no other reason than to peruse the walls of photos spanning the history of the country’s second oldest motorcycle cub. (PS, there’s also a "fountain!")

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