Friday, June 11, 2004

Travel news! (change of dates)

Change of dates: to be flexible for a work training thingy that just came up, I'm pushing my trip back a week. So I'll leave 6/30 after work or 7/1 early in the morning, spend 7/2 in Portland, and proceed to Seattle 7/3. Leave Seattle at o'dark:thirty on 7/5 to be back in the City that evening.

I got the time, I got the bike, I'm hitting the road.
I'll be riding up to Seattle for a little weekend trip.
Leaving either: after work on the 24th, or 25th in the morning.
Thinking I'll stay in Portland Friday to see what I can. (I hear there's a PIRATE restaraunt!)
Shoot up to Seattle Saturday am, hang out for a few days, return either: in one shot on Tuesday, or in two legs, leaving Monday and taking a scenic route, and another night in a hotel. I gotta be at work on Wednesday. (bastards!)

Suggestions? I don't know Portland, I'd love to know about must-see-and-do's along the way, and Seattle things I may have missed.

gimmee gimmee travel goodness!



Made it back safely we hope?

Posted by Matthew on Tuesday, June 15, 2004 at 12:16 PM

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